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How to attend and speak at council meetings

Anyone can attend council meetings open to the public.

If there is any public-excluded business items on the agenda, the public will be requested to leave the meeting at that stage.

Speaking at meetings

If you wish to speak at a public meeting, you need to contact the committee secretary no later than two workings days before the meeting. 
Contact details for the committee secretary will be in the meeting agenda.

Up to 30 minutes near the start of each meeting are set aside to hearing from the public.

Each person may speak for five minutes. This time may be extended by resolution of the meeting.

Your request to speak must include the subject matter.

There are some things you cannot speak about at meetings:

  • a matter that has already been considered and determined
  • a matter which is going through a separate public hearing process
  • items dealt through a quasi-judicial process
  • issues outside the functions of Auckland Council.

For more information on how meetings are conducted view the governance documents. 

Attending council hearings

If you have made a submission on a formal consultation, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinions in person at a hearing, if you wish to.

Learn more about attending public hearings.

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