Performance and transparency

Value for money

Value for money

Details of an upcoming review of council activities being carried out under Section 17a of the Local Government Act.

Three-year performance plan

Our goals and expectations in engaging and enabling communities, creating customer-friendly services, making our size work and building a high performance culture.

Progress snapshot

See how council is performing at a glance and what we are doing to achieve our goals in key areas.

Budgets, spending and saving

How we will invest and build infrastructure to support our growing population, and where we can be more efficient to save money.

Major projects

Information about our internal projects like NewCore and 135 Albert Street cladding project.

Our policies

Information about our policies including complaints, privacy, commmunity grants, gifts and purchase policy.

Information about our staff

Find information about our staff including our costs, headcount and our organisation chart.

Privacy and official information requests

How to make a privacy or official information request, including the costs and timeframes.

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