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Privacy and official information requests

What you can request

Information relating to Auckland Council is usually available from our staff.

We can help you If:

  • you need a lot of information
  • the information you need is not readily available.

The two types of information requests are:

Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act (LGOIMA) requests

LGOIMA requests are for official information about things like:

  • third parties
  • the council decision making process
  • council policies. 

If you are not happy with the information provided under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, you can complain to the Office of the Ombudsmen.

Privacy requests

Privacy requests are for personal information, things like

  • payments you have made to the council
  • interactions you have had with our staff.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your request, you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Costs and timeframe


Privacy requests

  • No charge.

LGOIMA requests

  • First four hours: Free
  • Over four hours: $38 (includes GST) for each additional half hour
  • Photocopying: First twenty pages are free, then 20 cents per additional page. 
  • Any other charges involved are priced to recover the actual costs involved (e.g. reproducing a photograph).

We will tell you the cost of your request before we begin. You can then decide to proceed, withdraw or refine your request.

We might ask for some or all of the cost to be paid in advance. Our Chief Executive can waive charges at his discretion.

For more information see our Policy on charging for official information (PDF 15KB).



We aim to provide a final response within 20 working days.

We will let you know within 10 working days if:

  • we cannot meet the deadline
  • we need more information
  • the information is held by another government organisation and we need to transfer your request.

Urgent requests. You can ask that your request be treated as urgent. If you do, you need to provide a suitable reason.


How to make a request

Make sure that your request includes your name, your postal or email address and specific details of the information you want.

You can ask to receive the information in a specific manner (for example, a discussion in person or an electronic copy). Let us know your preferred method when you make your request.

Your request can be made:


Publication of responses

Publication only applies to LGOIMA responses. 

We regularly publish LGOIMA responses which may be of interest to the general public on its website. When publishing these responses the names of individual requestors will be withheld to protect their privacy.

Visit our LGOIMA responses page.

Withholding or refusing information

We may withhold or refuse information for specific reasons. If so, we will explain the reason why.

For more information, see sections 6, 7 and 17 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

For information about withholding personal information, see sections 27 to 29 of the Privacy Act 1993.

More information

Email the official information team if you:

  • have questions about our process for requests
  • need clarification
  • want more information
  • want to request new or additional information.

Where possible, include the reference number of your original request.

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