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Global partnerships and strategy

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Auckland's global partnerships

Auckland is becoming increasingly recognised worldwide in international lifestyle and business surveys. 

The city is taking its place on the international stage and seizing the opportunity for a prosperous future.

Auckland Council aims to contribute to Auckland’s transformation by positioning Auckland in the global economy.

Our strategy is to create an internationally connected, competitive Auckland that delivers opportunities and prosperity for all Aucklanders.

We lead on:

  • the strategic direction of Auckland’s global engagement
  • increasing Auckland’s global visibility and best practice exchange
  • identification of Auckland’s participation in key global and city networks
  • international enquiries and study visits to the council
  • international official and diplomatic visits to the mayor’s office and the council
  • leading onshore and offshore trade delegations
  • city to city initiatives.

International city relationships open doors to decision-makers, business and political leaders to engage in broader bilateral relationships and achieve economic and cultural outcomes between cities and markets.

The recently signed Tripartite Economic Alliance between Auckland, Guangzhou and Los Angeles is an excellent example of leveraging established partner-city relationships and networks to boost outcomes between the three cities.

Maintaining relationships in international markets is essential to doing business and is a core part of Auckland Council’s global activity.

Our global partner cities are:

Map of Auckland's global partnerships

Click on a city or country to read about their partnership with Auckland Council.

Contact us

For more information on Auckland Council’s global partnerships and strategy programme, email the Global Partnerships and Strategy team.

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