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Procurement at Auckland Council

Procurement at Auckland Council.

Procurement at Auckland Council supports the shared vision to make Auckland the world’s most liveable city.

Our procurement activity is based on the following principles, which align with those set out in the Auckland Plan:

Work together

We will develop and maintain procurement processes that enable our staff to work collaboratively with each other, the council-controlled organisations and external agencies, to achieve best value.

Value te Ao Māori

Our procurement processes support our commitment to Māori, including responsibilities under Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi and its broader legal obligations.

Be sustainable

Our procurement processes ensure that we actively consider opportunities for positive social, economic, environmental and cultural outcomes for current and future generations.

Act fairly

Our procurement activity is ethical and lawful, and we consider the needs of all groups in the community.

Make the best use of every dollar

We use effective and appropriate procurement processes to deliver good-quality goods, works and services.

This principle is focused on the effectiveness of our procurement..

Be affordable

We look for the best possible value (considering price and non-price attributes) for the whole lifecycle of goods, works or services. We encourage and maintain a sustainable and diverse marketplace to ensure that a competitive market is retained.

You can find more information about how the aims of the Auckland Plan are supported by our procurement activity in our Procurement Policy (PDF 497KB) and Procurement Strategy (PDF 406KB).

Strategic Procurement Committee

The Strategic Procurement Committee assists our chief executive to ensure that we follow sound probity procedures for the procurement of goods and services necessary to deliver our agreed work programme and operations.

Read meeting agendas and minutes for the Strategic Procurement Committee on Infocouncil.

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