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Nappy choices

Choosing the right nappies for your baby is an important part of parenting.

Auckland Council supports parents to make informed decisions about nappy options through free Waste Free Parenting workshops. These practical and informative workshops will help you to understand nappy options, and introduce you to lots of waste-free parenting tips and ideas.

Disposable nappies are a convenient choice for busy parents. However, they are difficult to dispose of and do not break down in landfill.

As we strive to become a zero waste region, we are looking to reduce the number of nappies and other sanitary materials that go to landfill.

By reusing cloth nappies, parents are putting the 'three Rs' of waste minimisation into action – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If washed and dried correctly, cloth nappies can also save families money.

Waste Free Parenting workshops

We run Waste Free Parenting workshops throughout the Auckland region.

The workshops are 2.5h long and cost $30 ($35 for couples). We run some workshops in conjunction with other events, so associated costs may vary.

Attendees receive a free cloth nappy pack worth $90 (one per family), and a light morning tea or supper.

For more information including dates, locations and bookings, visit The Nappy Lady’s website.

What's in the workshop?

Cloth nappy workshops are a great way to find out all about your nappy choices.  The cloth nappy classes cover:

  • the main nappy options:
    • disposables
    • pre-folds with covers
    • pocket nappies
    • fitted nappies with covers
    • all in ones
  • liners and boosters – what are they and why would you use one
  • fabrics – what are the available options for modern nappy fabrics
  • which nappies will be suitable for your baby
  • washing your nappies.

Cloth nappy trial for early childcare centres

We support early childcare centres (ECEs) in the Auckland region to reduce their waste to landfill by using cloth nappies.

We offer a free eight-week trial that includes the loan of a modern cloth nappy kit, along with advice from a nappy expert, our staff, and other ECEs that have taken part previously.

See the Cloth nappy trial proposal (PDF 238K) for more information.

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