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Our resources include newsletters, posters, teaching resources and factsheets.

These booklets have been developed for the council’s Learning Through Experience (LTE) programmes, which are delivered in Auckland’s regional parks by experienced teachers and park rangers. LTE provides students with experiential learning activities in the environment, and provides teachers with a range of supporting curriculum resources.

A free copy is provided when you book an LTE trip. Find out how to book on the Learning Through Experience page.

Teaching resources

Plant power booklet (PDF 8.2MB)

Environmental consequences booklet (PDF 7.8MB)

Investigating invertebrates booklet part 1 (PDF 6.8MB)

Investigating invertebrates booklet part 2 (PDF 9.1MB)

Sensational senses booklet part 1 (PDF 8.1MB)

Sensational senses booklet part 2 (PDF 10MB)

Maori forest booklet part 1 (PDF 2.2MB)

Maori forest booklet part 2 (PDF 3MB)

On the farm booklet part 1 (PDF 14.3MB)

On the farm booklet part 2 (PDF 10.8MB)
On the farm booklet part 3 (PDF 8.4MB)

It's a plant's life booklet part 1 (PDF 6MB)

It's a plant's life booklet part 2 (PDF 13.2MB)
It's a plant's life booklet part 3 (PDF 7.1MB)

The forest community booklet part 1 (PDF 12.1MB)

The forest community booklet part 2 (PDF 12.7MB)
The forest community booklet part 3 (PDF 5.9MB)

Secondary School Stormwater NCEA Resources
Cover and contents (PDF 2.7MB)
Introduction and learning plan (PDF 6.5MB)
Secondary school internal assessment resource (PDF 2.7MB)
Junior secondary programme (PDF 3.7MB)
Secondary stormwater resources (PDF 10.4MB)
Supporting material (PDF 4.3MB)

Auckland Council's Education for Sustainability team's digital resources can also be found on POND, a network-for-learning portal.

Posters and brochures


Enviroschools Connections

Enviroschools Logo

Issue 11, March 2016 (PDF 1MB)
Issue 9, July 2015 (PDF 583KB)
Issue 8, March 2015 (PDF 815KB)
Issue 7, July 2014 (PDF 613KB)
Issue 6, March 2014 (PDF 841KB)


EnviroAction Logo

Issue 14, Winter 2016 (PDF 2.75MB)
Issue 13, Summer 2016 (PDF 3.6MB)
Issue 12, Spring 2015 (PDF 1.6MB)
Issue 11, Winter 2015 (PDF 2.8MB)
Issue 10, Autumn 2015 (PDF 5.4MB)
Issue 9, Spring 2014 (PDF 1.4MB)
Issue 8, Summer 2014 (PDF 1.2MB)

Email the Education for Sustainability team to sign up for future issues of EnviroAction.

Workshop calendars

Education for sustainability

Auckland Council runs an annual series of professional development workshops for teachers. Download the 2016 calendar (PDF 142KB).

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