Education and volunteering

Volunteer in our parks

Auckland Council recognises and values the contribution of volunteers helping in our parks.

Help us plant a tree

Every winter we plant native plants and trees in some of our parks to show how parts of Auckland once looked.

We plant to protect native plants, birds, fish and insects, their support systems and food supplies - forest, streams, wetlands, sea. Planting helps maintain and enhance biodiversity.

For more information on planting days go to the OurAuckland site under the Events section.


Papakura Children's Forest

Celebrate the birth of your child by planting a tree in the Papakura Local Board area. 

Every June, you can plant a tree in honour of your child. Registration is mandatory and closes a week before planting.

Only children born in the Papakura district are eligible to have trees planted for them.

Contact us for more information.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers play an essential and invaluable role in the planning, development and care of parks and open spaces. The passion, dedication and commitment of volunteer groups has ensured the successful delivery of many outstanding parks projects and their continued commitment is needed in order to successfully confront future environmental, conservation and planning challenges.

A parks volunteer charter has been created to provide a structured framework to protect, support and enhance the vital role that volunteers play in order to  help advance specific projects and management issues on the ground.

Auckland Council supports registered community groups and individuals with voluntary work, and keeps a record of the work completed.

Please contact us if you or your community group wish to help out in council parks and reserves. For more information, see the parks volunteer charter (PDF 94KB).

Corporate groups

Volunteering as a corporate group is a great way to show social and environmental responsibility, and to provide staff with opportunities to get to know their local community and fellow staff members.

We welcome corporate groups to our volunteer programmes and provide opportunities to get involved in caring for our parks.

We have also developed a partnership with Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ), who specialise in managing and supervising corporate volunteers.

They work with the business community on essential conservation projects, and provide all aspects of project management, to make the volunteer experience as accessible, safe and fun as possible.

For more information visit the Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ) website or contact us.

'Friends of Parks' groups

A number of our parks have groups of supporters who care for those individual parks.

Friends of Arataki

Friends of Arataki is a friendly group of people who share a joy of the Waitakere Ranges.

They are involved in fundraising, promotion and volunteer projects.

Contact Yvonne Pivac on 09 827 3803.

Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens

Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens work actively and in collaboration with Botanic Gardens staff to continually improve the Botanic Gardens.

You can find more on the Auckland Botanic Gardens website.

Friends of Churchill Park (Glendowie)

Friends of Churchill Park is a group of friendly local residents who work to protect and restore one of Auckland's largest suburban parks.

Regular working bees take place on the first Sunday of each month, or when necessary.

Contact Eric Walton on 09 575 2358 or email

Friends of Mangemangeroa

Friends of Mangemangeroa help with restoration work on Mangemangeroa Reserve at 108 Somerville Road, Howick between May and September.

Contact Allan Riley on 021 795 280 or email or check the Friends of Mangemangeroa website.  

Musick Point Trust

Musick Point Trust helps restore the natural and cultural heritage of Musick Point including building restoration work and weed busting.

Contact Shirley Warren 09 534 3425 or email

Friends of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga

Friends of Oakley Creek provides a range of opportunities for you to be involved in ensuring Oakley Creek Te Auaunga and its environs are protected and restored.

Contact Wendy John on 027 232 6454 or email, or check the Friends of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga website.

Point View Heritage Society in the Howick Ranges

Point View Heritage Society protects the natural and heritage environment of the Point View area including tree planting and pest control.

Contact Mrs Linden Johnson on 09 274 4400 or email

Te Ara o Puhinui in Manurewa

Te Ara o Puhinui help restore the Puhinui Stream.

Contact John Smith 027 487 5011 or 09 278 4639 or email

Friends of Totara Park in Manurewa

Friends of Totara Park help with basic maintenance and growing native seedlings to be planted back into the park.

Contact Graham Falla at email

Friends of the Whau

Help Friends of the Whau restore a range of sites within the Whau River catchment.  Our focus area includes New Lynn, Avondale, Blockhouse Bay and Kelston.

Opportunities include:

  • planting
  • predator and pest control
  • monitoring
  • mulching

The emphasis is on having fun and learning more about our special places and species whilst delivering some great environmental outcomes. We meet on a regular basis.

Contact Sandra on 021 295 0302 or email

Whitford Estuaries Conservation Society (WECS) 

WECS volunteers undertake native forest restoration on riparian margins of Whitford's Mangemangeroa, T'ranga and Waikopua streams, wetlands and estuaries - includes planting trees, busting weeds, controlling pests and protecting dotterels.

Contact Lee O'Leary on at email

The Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc (TOSSI), Tawharanui Regional Park

Tawharanui Open Sanctuary is situated on the peninsula.

It integrates the conservation of native species, farming, and public recreation, allowing visitors to get in touch with nature and the species within. 

The Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc (TOSSI) was created to help the open sanctuary become a reality through fundraising and volunteer work.

You can find further information about TOSSI and how to get involved at the TOSSI website.

If you would like to receive further updates about this project, please email

Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society Inc (SOSSI), Shakespear Regional Park

The vision for the Shakespear Open Sanctuary is to create an open and accessible wildlife sanctuary that integrates public recreation, conservation and farming and provides an environment for native bird species to repopulate the Whangaparaoa peninsula.

You can help by joining SOSSI or making a donation by visiting the SOSSI website.  

If you would like to receive further updates about this project, please email

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