Fire Auckland.

Urban fires

Number of urban fires, and the cause and potential consequences of wildfires.

Coastal cliff - Birkenhead

Know the hazards in your local board area

Local Boards specific information about responding to natural hazards in the Auckland region.

Tropical cyclone hazards.

Tropical cyclones

Cyclone classifications, storm types, and general impacts on people and property damage.

Vandalism and terrorism.

Vandalism and terrorism

Risks associated with large-scale vandalism and terrorism, and the potential consequences.

Tornado hazards.


Hazards of tornadoes and the potential damage, and details of recorded tornadoes in Auckland.

Flood hazards.


Conditions that lead to flooding, areas at risk of flooding and recent floods.

Earthquakes in Auckland.


Risk of earthquakes in Auckland, effects of ground shaking, conditions for liquefaction, and details of historic earthquakes.

Drought in Auckland.


Agricultural and hydrological drought and the impact of severe droughts including environmental, social and economic factors.

Dam failure.

Dam failure

Potential risks, causes and consequences of dam failure.

Coastal erosion.

Coastal erosion hazards

Impacts of coastal erosion and coastal inundation hazards including beaches, shoreline, residential, buildings and infrastructure.

Climate change.

Climate change

Current typical Auckland climate, rates and projections of climate change, and the impacts of climate change.

Biological hazard.

Biological hazards

Threats or actual biological hazards and their consequences including animal or human plagues and epidemics.

Aircraft accidents.

Aircraft accidents

Frequency and cause of aircraft accidents, and previous aircraft incidents.

Hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances

Identifying hazardous substances and their potential causes and consequences, and previous releases of hazardous substances.

Infrastructure failure.

Infrastructure failure

Infrastructure failure may affect electricity, water supply, wastewater services, natural gas, fuel, telecommunications and transport.

Land instability.

Land instability

Land instability hazards types, potential impacts on people and property, and landslide related data resources and tools.

Shipping accidents.

Shipping accidents

Shipping accident risks and consequences including drowning, stretched emergency resources, damage to infrastructure, economic costs and environmental impact.

Tsunami hazards.


Local, regional or distant tsunami sources, their potential threat, and examples of tsunami observed here.

Volcanic fire.

Volcanic hazards

Information on volcanic hazards and activity, the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF), central North Island volcanic sources, and monitoring volcanic hazards.

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