Closed landfills and contaminated sites

Auckland Council is are responsible for the management of a number of council-owned closed landfills and contaminated sites.

Under the Resource Management Act we must avoid, remedy or reduce their negative effects on the environment.  In addition, legal obligations exist under the Health Act and Local Government Act to minimise and reduce risks to public health and safety.

We aim to:

  • manage all human health and environmental effects posed by council owned closed landfills and contaminated sites
  • manage council owned contaminated sites and closed landfills to the best practicable extent and in accordance with the conditions of resource consents
  • design and implement strategies to remediate and rehabilitate closed landfills for use, where possible, as active or passive recreational open spaces and wildlife refuges
  • demonstrate responsible stewardship of these sites and associated assets through robust investigation, risk assessment, remediation, management and monitoring procedures.

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