Report pollution

To report oil on the sea, please call the Harbourmaster Duty Officer 24 hours a day on:  09 362 0397 (extension 1).

To report pollution, please call our Pollution Response Team on the pollution hotline: 09 377 3107.

Use this number for:

  • stormwater pollution, including pollutants being discharged into creeks and streams
  • air pollution, including smoke from fires, or odours and dust from building sites and quarries.

Pollutants may include:

  • dirt, clay and soil sediment
  • concrete wash
  • oils, fuel and detergents
  • paint and chemicals
  • smoke, odours and dust.

The Pollution Response Team is available seven days a week, and will only ask you for details of the pollution you have seen, a contact name and phone number. Your details will be handled confidentially at all times and will not be passed on to anyone outside Auckland Council.

You can also contact us for related issues such as:

  • waste on a beach
  • odours from restaurants
  • illegal dumping of rubbish
  • noise or visual pollution.

For sewer overflows or faults with the water mains supply, please call Watercare Services.

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