Auckland Council and pollution

Auckland Council has an active role promoting the preservation and protection of environmental values in our region through a range of activities that includes:

  • ensuring protection and enhancement of significant natural heritage through the Resource Management Act
  • surveying, identifying and monitoring of significant natural areas and geological features
  • managing biodiversity and ecological restoration projects on council land
  • supporting and advocating for natural heritage protection and enhancement   
  • monitoring and reporting on water quality
  • providing rural land management advice including soil conservation, riparian management and farm plan development
  • remediating contaminated sites and managing closed landfills
  • providing assessments and advice on geotechnical, coastal processes and hazards.

What specific measures does Auckland Council take to reduce pollution?  

Pollution Response Team.Auckland Council monitors and investigates reports of pollution, taking steps to clean it up or make remedial works to preserve and restore our precious natural environment. We also provide educational resources and take proactive measures to ensure that businesses and infrastructure systems such as sewers and storm water drains are not creating pollution.

Auckland Council reserves the right to take appropriate enforcement action at times where there has been significant pollution. This may include warning letters and abatement notices to the people causing the pollution, infringement fines up to $1000 for businesses, and prosecution which may result in imprisonment for a maximum term of two years or a fine of up to $300,000 for individuals and $600,000 for companies.

What is Auckland Council's role in the New Zealand oil spill response strategy?

The New Zealand oil spill response strategy is based on a three tiered system:

  • Tier one - site based 
    For example, a vessel refuelling operation at a marina. Tier 1 sites are required to develop a spill response plan (including having appropriate response equipment) and respond to spills from their site. Auckland Council audits and approves these plans on a regular basis. No site is allowed to transfer fuel unless it has a current approved plan.
  • Tier two - regional level
    Auckland Council responds to all marine oil spills, including spills from an unknown source and spills beyond the capability of a tier 1 site.
  • Tier three - national response level
    Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) have developed a National Plan for use in large spills. They become involved in spills that are outside of the capacity of the Auckland Council to respond. MNZ also provide training and equipment to responders in the Auckland Council team.

Find out more on the Maritime New Zealand website.

Being proactive about environmental protection

Find more information, fact sheets and educational resources about how Auckland Council is proactively protecting the natural environment:

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