Rubbish and recycling

Illegally dumped rubbish

IIlegally dumped rubbish costs ratepayers millions each year in removal charges and causes a range of other problems.

You can help by reporting offenders to the council. We may issue a litter infringement, which is a fine ranging from $100 to $400.

Report illegal dumping

Our Litter Officers will investigate all reliable reports of illegally dumped rubbish.

To notify the council of illegal dumping (more than two black rubbish bags, or a large item such as a fridge or a couch), fill in our Report illegal dumping online form.

For other littering (less than two black rubbish bags) use our contact us form.

For littering on a motorway:

Give as much information as you can, such as: 

  • registration number of the offender's vehicle
  • description of the offender's vehicle
  • location, date and time
  • description of the rubbish
  • whether the rubbish is obstructing the road, causing a danger to people, or contains hazardous material such as chemicals, oil or LPG
  • description of the offender.

Litter infringements

A litter infringement is a fine of $100 for the first offence and up to $400 for a subsequent offence within a 365-day period. 

We can issue fines for dumping rubbish illegally, throwing litter from vehicles, or material falling off trailers.

Find out how to pay a litter fine

The fees from 1 November 2012 are as follows:

Nature of infringement

first offence

Second or subsequent offence within a year

Litter, of less than or equal to 1 litre, left in a public space, or on private land, without the occupier's consent.



Litter, of more than 1 litre and less than or equal to 20 litres, left in a public space, or on private land without the occupier's consent*



Litter, of more than 20 litres and less than or equal to 120 litres, left in a public space, or on private land without the occupier's consent**



Litter, of more than 120 litres, left in a public space, or on private land without the occupier's consent



Hazardous*** or offensive litter**** left in a public space, or on private land without the occupier's consent.



*20 litres is the approximate maximum capacity of two standard supermarket bags in normal conditions.
**120 litres is the approximate maximum capacity of a standard mobile garbage bin in normal conditions (for example the red lid 'wheelie bin' used for domestic refuse collection in the central Auckland area).
***Hazardous litter includes broken glass, barbed wire, jagged metal, medicines, hazardous waste etc.
****Offensive waste includes rotting food, animal remains, faeces including discarded nappies etc.

You have 28 days to pay. If you do not pay in this time, we will send you a reminder notice giving you another 28 days to pay. If you still do not pay after this time, the infringement will be enforced through the courts with court charges added to the fine.
If you wish to dispute the infringement, refer to the 'Summary of Rights' on the reverse of the notice. You must put your dispute, or request for a court hearing, in writing to the council.  

The council can also prosecute under the Litter Act 1979 for more serious offences; the maximum penalty upon conviction is $30,000.

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