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Waste education programmes and resources

Programmes for schools

Waste Minimisation Outreach services

Our team is available to work with your pre-school, primary or secondary school to reduce waste going to landfill.

Our facilitators can provide technical advice about waste systems, and run staff meetings, assembly talks and education sessions on these topics: 

  • Sustainable waste minimisation practices based on the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle)
  • Waste disposal – what happens to rubbish once it is picked up from the kerbside
  • Consumerism – understanding how our consumer choices can impact the natural environment
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Composting and worm farming
  • Litter.

We also offer waste audits to schools who want to get their waste sorted. Audits show you how much of what you send to landfill could have been recycled or composted. It involves collecting, weighing and sorting a full day’s waste.

Email the Waste Wise team for resources, assembly talks, waste audits and technical advice.

Visit the Compost Collective website for school-based resources on creating composting systems.

WasteWise Schools Programme

WasteWise Schools is an education for sustainability programme that assists schools to reduce their waste.

See WasteWise Schools for more information.

Programmes for businesses

There are a number of programmes and resources available to assist businesses with reducing waste and being more environmentally friendly.

See reducing your business waste to learn about what you can do. 

North Shore Resource Centre

The North Shore Resource Centre is a place for factory textile off cuts to be recycled as arts and crafts resources for education providers such as schools, play centres, kindergartens and home schoolers, as well as organisations like Brownies and Guides.

The centre accepts donations of materials including wool, paper, cardboard, fabric, cards, beads, feathers, and small, untreated pieces of wood.

Community groups and individuals using the centre are asked to give a monetary donation for goods taken.

Contact details

West Auckland Resource Centre

The West Auckland Resource Centre (WARC) is a volunteer run charitable trust that provides recycled materials to educational and community groups who promote ongoing learning with children and adults.

At the WARC you’ll find a wide range of new and used resources collected from manufacturers and local businesses.

WARC also accepts donations of clean usable waste materials that we consider appropriate.

When you visit WARC, a cash donation will be requested for resources taken.

WARC operate from the green garage behind New Lynn School in 2 Seabrook Avenue.

Opening hours during the school term are:

  • Wednesdays, 12 noon-2pm
  • Saturdays 10am-12 noon.

WARC is not open during the school holidays or public holiday weekends.

Visit the West Auckland Resource Centre website for more information.

Nappy choices for parents and early childcare centres

Choices relating to nappies are an important part of parenting.

We offer free, practical and informative Waste Free Parenting workshops to help you consider the options.

We also offer a free eight week cloth nappy trial for early childcare centres, along with help and advice on other ways to reduce your centre’s waste. 

See Nappy choices to find out more.

Waste minimisation learning centres

There are currently three Waste Minimisation Centres in Auckland, each offering free classroom sessions where you can learn how to minimise your waste.

Auckland Council Waste Minimisation Learning Centre - Zero Waste Zone 

Learn more about the Zero Waste Zone and find information on how to make your next booking.

Visy Recycling Education Centre

Visy Recycling
29 Victoria Street, Onehunga

Located at the Onehunga Material Recovery Facility (MRF), Visy Recycling offers educational group sessions to members of the Auckland community and schools. There is a minimum age of 5 years to visit this site.

Excursions can include interactive presentations and the opportunity to see where materials get dropped off.

Bookings: or 09 975 2000.

Waste Management Learning Centre

Waiheke Transfer Station
102 -106 Ostend Road, Waiheke

The Waste Management Learning Centre offers community groups and schools an educational talk (looking at reducing, reusing, recycling, landfills and organic waste) and a quiz on "what's recyclable, what's not".

Bookings: TBC

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