Rubbish and recycling

Domestic asbestos

How to dispose domestic asbestos

Asbestos is not an accepted item at transfer stations in Auckland, and is not accepted through the free hazardous household waste disposal service.

Auckland Council staff and contractors will not pick up items they suspect may contain asbestos. This includes items that are placed out for the inorganics collection.

If you need to remove or dispose asbestos, we recommend contacting a professional asbestos removal company. See The Worksafe website for a list of certified asbestos removers, or you can try the yellow pages.


Asbestos testing

Materials that may contain asbestos should be tested before you decide how to handle it.

We do not provide an asbestos testing service. See the Worksafe website to find an accredited asbestos testing service, or you can try the yellow pages.

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