Rubbish and recycling

Waste control and licensing

These undertakings require a licence from Auckland Council:

  • Businesses and people who collect or transport more than 20 tonne of waste from or to land in Auckland, in each 12-month period.
  • Operators of donation collection points (clothing bins or similar) on public places.

This is a requirement under the Solid Waste Bylaw 2012.

Licensing of waste collectors

The Solid Waste Bylaw 2012 details a number of conditions relating to waste collection and transportation:

  • protection of berms in public places
  • times for collections
  • reporting of waste data
  • management of litter spillages and illegal dumping.

The licensing system:

  • allows us to achieve our waste minimisation objectives set in our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan
  • ensures waste collections from public places in Auckland are carried out safely and with minimal impact to our region.

How to apply

Download the form

 Waste collector licence application form (PDF 267KB)

Return completed form

Waste Planning Advisor - Bylaw
Private Bag 92300
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

Waste collection services

If you want to use a waste collection service, see our Licensed Waste Collectors list:

Licensed Waste Collectors list (PDF 113KB)

If you need further information or help please email Waste Licensing or phone us on 09 301 0101.

Providing waste data reports

We will use the information provided by waste collectors to ensure that waste in the region is dealt with effectively and is minimized where possible.

Waste collectors have the obligation to provide waste information reports as a condition of their license.

We will ensure that the information is stored safely and presented as combined information.

The different waste streams have been divided into a number of categories. We will advise the waste collector how to report on these.

View the Solid Waste Bylaw for further information.


Licensing of donation collection points

The aim of the license is to ensure that the collection of charity donations on public places in Auckland takes place in a safe environment and does not cause nuisance such as obstructions or littering of footpaths.

In addition, licensed donation collection points will be identified, making it easier for members of the public to hand over their donations.

How to apply

Download the form

Collection donation point application form (PDF 193KB)

Return completed form

Solid Waste Bylaw Coordinator
Private Bag 92300
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

Further information

If you need further information or help please email Waste Licensing or phone us on 09 301 0101.


See solid waste licensing fees.

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