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Auckland Council is responsible for ensuring our growing city is developed in a way that will not cause flooding or environmental problems for coming generations.

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Risks and requirements

Before you develop or even purchase any site, make sure you know of any flood risks and stormwater requirements for that site.

  • Get a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) and Land Information Memorandum (LIM) to find out if there are any identified stormwater issues.
  • Consult relevant catchment management plan and flood hazard maps.
  • Visit the site to ensure that planning information matches the actual situation on the ground.
  • Consider the capacity of both public and private drainage if the existing information is incomplete.

Structures must comply with both the council and central government policy on flood hazards before we can issue a building consent. Consider these policies in the design of the stormwater system.

We are developing the country’s biggest single resource management plan, known as the Auckland Unitary Plan

For more information you can access the various district plans.

Design standards

The Infrastructure Code of Practice sets minimum standards for designing and constructing new infrastructure assets. 

Design standards for stormwater are in chapter four, known as the Stormwater Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice and Technical guidance documents are available on the Auckland Design Manual website:

Auckland's public stormwater network is regulated under the stormwater bylaw.

New connections

Private connections to the stormwater network are approved as part of the building consent process.

You will need to request a separate engineering approval if your connection:

  • is public
  • crosses into the road corridor
  • involves altering the public stormwater network.

All connections must comply with the Building Act and the Stormwater Code of Practice.

For more on engineering approvals, see types of engineering approval.

Access requests

Non-physical access

You will need to request permission from the council if you need non-physical access to the stormwater network, such as:

  • CCTV
  • jetting and other cleaning
  • visual inspection requiring physical entry into the network
  • any other physical access to the network not involving physical works.

To submit your request, fill in and return the access approval application form (PDF 48KB).


Road corridor access

For any work in the road corridor you will need to make a corridor access request (CAR) through Auckland Transport.

For more information, see Corridor Access Requests on the Auckland Transport website.

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