Healthy Waters


The Water Journey

Water flows through a large network of public and private pipes, drains and waterways all leading to the sea.

This infographic shows the journey of water and all that is involved in water management. Click the image to see a larger version.

Infographic showing stormwater management, text description on this page


Auckland Council works on healthy water projects to upgrade current infrastructure, mitigate flooding and improve water quality.

Your choices and practices can also help promote healthy waterways. Manage water as close to the source as possible. See our maintenance guides in the healthy waters reference library.

During a storm, rainwater can cause flooding and blockages. Aucklanders can also minimise flooding by identifying flood hazards before buying a property or building.

Pollutants carried by water and into our waterways harm the environment. The council maintains the public stormwater network to help ensure the quality of water that ends up in the sea. Read about how else we are keeping waterways healthy.

Property owners, the council, Watercare and Auckland Transport are responsible for their own pipes, manholes or other assets. See healthy water network responsibilities.

To know more about water management, contact us.

Infographic text description

Water management - Empowering a water sensitive community

From mountains to the sea. Mai i ngā maunga ki te moana.

Auckland has an average annual rainfall of 1.24 metres, which falls onto 235 natural catchment areas and flows through 20,000km of rivers and streams. It also goes through 25,000 outlets and inlet structures.

There are 1.5 million people living in Auckland that depend on stormwater infrastructure.

This includes 146,000 stormwater manholes, 6000 catchpits and 6500km of pipeline.

After this there are 450 pond and wetland ecosystems and 500 water treatment devices (rain gardens, swells, trash racks) that purify the water before it meets the sea and 3100km of Auckland coastline.

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