Rural fire

Rural fire permit application form

You can use this form to apply for a permit to light a fire in rural areas of Auckland during a restricted fire season.


Mainland – Restricted Fire Season

The Auckland Rural Fire mainland is currently in a Restricted Fire Season.  This means you require a fire permit to light all fires in the open air.

For more information, email Fire and Emergency New Zealand.


All the Islands of the Hauraki Gulf are in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban)

All the islands of the Hauraki Gulf, including and not limited to Department of Conservation Islands, are in a Prohibited Fire Season (Total Fire Ban) and no permits will be issued.


Rural Fire Permit Application form

Before you apply

Check your address using the Outdoor fire address search. Permits are only required and issued for areas in Restricted Fire Season.

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

To receive an email copy of your application please include your email address in the 'Your details' section.

Your details

First name:*
Last name:*
Phone (primary):*
Phone (secondary):
Preferred time to be contacted:
Street or rapid number:*
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RD number:
Email address:  

Fire permit details

Location of proposed fire site(s):*

Street or rapid number:
Street/road name:
What type of materials are you wanting to burn (tick all that apply)?*

Please tick all that apply.

Treated timber includes all building material and painted timber.

Gas fires are exempt from requiring a fire permit.

Other, please specify:  
How soon do you want to burn?

This is just an estimate of the time when you would like to burn.

Do you have the permission of the property owner to burn at the proposed fire site?*

This can be verbal or written confirmation.

How many burn piles do you want to burn using this fire permit?*

Please tick the total number of piles that you are wanting to burn.

What size is the burn pile?*

For multiple sites please tick the largest pile.

A burn pile is your pile of vegetation that you want to burn.

Piles can be added to as they burn down, as long as the pile stays within the declared size.

What is the distance from the fire site to the nearest, tree, shrub, building, fence, road, public place, power lines, or other burn piles?*

The further you can burn away from any exposures the safer the fire.

Do not burn underneath or close to power lines as the smoke can become a conductor.

What is the distance from the fire site to the nearest forest plantation, native forest or scrub area larger than 1 hectare (100m x100m)?*

1 hectare is approx. the size of 2 average rugby fields.

What is the distance to the nearest grass that is longer than 15cm?*

Longer grasses can carry fire even if it is green. Ensure you keep an eye out around your fire especially if you have kikuyu grass.

Do you have grass that is over 50% dead/brown within:*

Dead or brown grass burns faster than green grass. You may consider clearing the surrounding area down to soil if there is significant dead or brown grass around your fire.

Previous fire permit number if applicable:
Any comments that would assist in the issuing of your fire permit:

Please add any comments or questions you would like assistance with.

Attach any supporting documents (eg photo of site):
Please note you are able to upload multiple files, but no one file should exceed 5mb. Acceptable file formats include JPG, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF.

A clear photo of the burn pile and surrounding areas may help you receive your permit faster.

Attach a supporting document:  


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