Public notices - elections

21 October 2013 - Declaration of result of election for Auckland Council 2013 elections 


I hereby declare the results of the elections held on 12 October 2013 for the following offices:

MAYOR (one vacancy)

Votes received

BERRY, Stephen (Affordable Auckland)


BRIGHT, Penny (Independent)


BROWN, Len (Independent)




CHEEL, Tricia




GOODE, Matthew


HUSSEY, Emmett (Independent)


KRUGER, Susanna Susara (Independent)


MINTO, John (Mana Movement)


O’CONNOR, Phil (Christians Against Abortion)


PALINO, John (Independent)


SHADBOLT, Reuben (Independent)


UNASA, Uesifili (Independent)


VERMUNT, Annalucia (Communist League)


WILLMOTT, David (Roads First)


YOUNG, Wayne (Working for the Homeless)


Informal votes received: 1584 Blank votes received: 7147

I therefore declare Len BROWN to be elected.


Albany Ward (two vacancies)

Votes received

BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent)


CHEEL, Tricia


MOORHEAD, Kevin (Independent)


PARFITT, Julia (Independent)


ROBINSON, Brent Richard (Independent)


WALKER, Wayne (Putting People First)


WATSON, John (Putting People First)


WHYTE, Lisa (Independent)



Informal votes received: 68 Blank votes received: 2647

I therefore declare Wayne WALKER and John WATSON to be elected.

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward (two vacancies)

Votes received

CASEY, Cathy (City Vision)


CHASE, Phil (Liveable Communities)


FLETCHER, Christine (Communities and Residents) 18,121

HADEN, Grace (Transparency New Zealand)


HAYNES, Peter (City Vision)


TURNBULL, Nigel (Communities and Residents)


Informal votes received: 35 Blank votes received: 1902

I therefore declare Cathy CASEY and Christine FLETCHER to be elected.

Franklin Ward (one vacancy)

Votes received

CASHMORE, Bill (Team Franklin C&R)


KLOETEN, Niko (Affordable Auckland)


MURPHY, Lyn (Independent)


Informal votes received: 20 Blank votes received: 823

I therefore declare Bill CASHMORE to be elected.

Howick Ward (two vacancies)

Votes received

QUAX, Dick (Independent)


STEWART, Sharon (Independent)


As the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies, Dick QUAX and Sharon STEWART were duly declared elected members of Auckland Council on 21 August 2013.

Manukau Ward (two vacancies)

Votes received

ANAE, Arthur (Independent)


APPU, Baskaran (Communist League)


FA’AMOE, Tunumafono Ava (Labour)


FILIPAINA, Alf (Labour)


FOWLER, Roger (Mana Movement)


HANS, Avtar (Independent)


TRINDER, Joe (Mana Movement)


Informal votes received: 80 Blank votes received: 1305

I therefore declare Arthur ANAE and Alf FILIPAINA to be elected.

Manurewa-Papakura Ward (two vacancies)

Votes received

BROWN, Colleen (Team South)


GOLDSMITH, Peter (Team South)


PAPALI’I, James (Mana Movement)


PENROSE, Calum (Independent for Manurewa-Papakura)


TUMAI, Barry Edward (Mana Movement)


WALKER, John (Independent for Manurewa-Papakura)


Informal votes received: 79 Blank votes received: 708

I therefore declare Calum PENROSE and John WALKER to be elected.

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Ward (one vacancy)

Votes received

KRUM, Denise (Communities and Residents)


NORTHEY, Richard (Labour)


Informal votes received: 18 Blank votes received: 980

I therefore declare Denise KRUM to be elected.

North Shore Ward (Two Vacancies)

Votes received

BERGIN, Joseph (Fair Deal For Shore)


DARBY, Chris (Taking the Shore Forward)


GILLON, Grant (Team of Independents)




MACPHERSON, Calum (Independent)


WOOD, George (Fair Deal For Shore)  


Informal votes received: 43 Blank votes received: 1196

I therefore declare Chris DARBY and George WOOD to be elected.

Orākei Ward (one vacancy)

Votes received

BREWER, Cameron (Independent)


As the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies, Cameron BREWER was duly declared an elected member of Auckland Council on 21 August 2013.

Rodney Ward (one vacancy)

Votes received

GARNER, Steven Robert


WEBSTER, Penny (Independent)


Informal votes received: 5 Blank votes received: 1096

I therefore declare Penny WEBSTER to be elected.

Waitākere Ward (two vacancies)

Votes received

CHAN, Peter (Affordable Auckland)


COOPER, Linda (Independent)




HULSE, Penny (West At Heart)


NEESON, Brian (Independent)


ROBERTSON, Douglas (Mana Movement)


ROSE, Christine (Independent)




Informal votes received: 71 Blank votes received: 1285

I therefore declare Linda COOPER and Penny HULSE to
be elected.

Waitematā and Gulf Ward (one vacancy)

Votes received

BERRY, Stephen (Affordable Auckland)


FISHER, Charlotte


LEE, Mike


MOYLE, Greg (Independent)


THOMAS, Rob (Independent)


ZIVALJEVIC, Aleksandar


Informal votes received: 24 Blank votes received: 1554

I therefore declare Mike LEE to be elected.

Whau Ward (one vacancy)

Votes received

CLOW, Ross (Labour)


MACDONALD, Duncan (Community First)


RAFFILLS, Noelene (Independent)


Informal votes received: 30 Blank votes received: 1295

I therefore declare Ross CLOW to be elected.


Albert-Eden Local Board consisting of:

Maungawhau Subdivision (four members)

CHUANG, Bevan (Communities and Residents) 4409
CORRICK, Lee (Communities and Residents) 5145
EVANS, Rohan (City Vision) 3670
HAYNES, Peter (City Vision) 4655
LANGTON, Rachel (Communities and Residents) 5638
LOVEDAY, Lisa (City Vision) 3743
MCKEOWN, Greg 3639
RUDOLPH, Godfrey (City Vision) 3662
WOOLFIELD, Tim (Communities and Residents) 5127

Informal votes received: 13 Blank votes received: 954

I therefore declare Lee CORRICK, Peter HAYNES, Rachel LANGTON and Tim WOOLFIELD to be elected.

Owairaka Subdivision (four members)

ANDERSON, Pauline (Focus Local – Independent) 3548
ARLINGTON, Helga (City Vision) 3815
CHALKLEN, Sheelah (Liveable Communities) 1290
CHASE, Phil (Liveable Communities) 3188
DONNELLY, Mark (Focus Local – Independent) 1762
EASTE, Graeme (City Vision) 3928
ER, Lisa (Liveable Communities) 1987
FRYER, Glenda (City Vision) 4268
JACK, Rodger (Communities and Residents) 2360
JADURAM, Gayatri (Focus Local – Independent) 1572
JOHNSON, Jeffrey (Conservative) 1823
NANNESTAD, Philip (Liveable Communities) 1929
POIRIER, Monique (Communities and Residents) 2474
ROBERTSON, Sian (Mana Movement) 888
WATSON, Margi (City Vision) 4847

Informal votes received: 63 Blank votes received: 771

I therefore declare Helga ARLINGTON, Graeme EASTE, Glenda FRYER and Margi WATSON to be elected.

Devonport-Takapuna Local Board (six members)

BENNETT, Aidan (Shore Future) 4650
BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent) 2490
BERGIN, Joseph (Fair Deal For Shore) 6377
BRETT, Kevin (Independent) 913
COHEN, Mike (Community Before Council) 7072
DARBY, Chris (Shore Future) 9443
DONALDSON, Dave (Shore Future) 4278
DOUGHERTY, Deborah (Conservative) 1843
GILLON, Grant (Team of Independents) 7185
HALE, Dianne (Shore Future) 6628
JENSEN, Craig Hans (Conservative) 1734
O’CONNOR, Jan (Team of Independents) 6774
RAYNER, Bill (Shore Community – Shore Seniors) 3322
ROE, Allison (Shore Future) 7320
SHEEHY, Michael (Independent) 4165
TALBOT, Tracy Gwen (Shore Future) 4157
THORNTON, David (NoMoreRates) 3117
WAREHAM, Anthony (Independent) 2519

Informal votes received: 108 Blank votes received: 532

I therefore declare Mike COHEN, Chris DARBY, Grant GILLON, Dianne HALE, Jan O’CONNOR and Allison ROE to be elected. However, as Chris DARBY has been declared elected as a Councillor to the North Shore Ward, his name has been withdrawn and the next highest polling candidate, Joseph BERGIN, is declared elected.

Franklin Local Board consisting of:

Pukekohe Subdivision (four members)

BAKER, Andy (Team Franklin) 4713
BELL, Ian (Independent) 1650
COLE, Alan (Team Franklin) 3756
HIGGINS, Sarah (Team Franklin) 4079
KAY, Murray Arthur (Team Franklin) 3387
KLOETEN, Niko (Affordable Auckland) 2995
MUIR, Paul (Independent) 3234
RANCHHOD, Magan 2264

Informal votes received:11 Blank votes received:195

I therefore declare Andy BAKER, Alan COLE, Sarah HIGGINS and Murray Arthur KAY to be elected.

Wairoa Subdivision (three members)

BELL, Malcolm (Team Franklin) 2905
FULLJAMES, Angela (Team Franklin) 3030
GEDGE, Lance (Independent) 2423
MUIR, Rowan (Team Franklin) 2389
MURPHY, Lyn (Independent) 2789
Informal votes received: 3 Blank votes received: 378
I therefore declare Malcolm BELL, Angela FULLJAMES
and Lyn MURPHY to be elected.

Waiuku Subdivision (two members)

CROMPTON, Brendon (Team Franklin) 1905
DRAYSON, Rick (Conservative) 645
LYNCH, Daniel (Independent) 1486
NAYSMITH, Jill (Team Franklin) 2140
Informal votes received: 1 Blank votes received: 96
I therefore declare Brendon CROMPTON and Jill
NAYSMITH to be elected.

Great Barrier Local Board (five members)

CLEAVE, Jeff (Independent) 272
DALY, Margaret 60
DALY, Susan (Independent) 347
FORDHAM, Izzy (Independent) 378
GILBERT, Judy 307
KERNOHAN, Anne 154
LAVEN, Nathan (Independent) 176
SCOTT, Ted 176
SPENCE, Christina 220
WATTS, Nikki (Independent) 220

Informal votes received: 0 Blank votes received: 5

I therefore declare Jeff CLEAVE, Susan DALY, IZZY FORDHAM and
Judy GILBERT to be elected. Christina SPENCE and Nikki WATTS
achieved an equality of votes and under regulation 58(5) of the
Local Electoral Regulations 2001, the electoral officer is requried to
determine by lot which candidate is to be declared elected. On Friday
18 October 2013 both candidate names were placed in a hat and
Christina SPENCE’s name was drawn out by a member of the New
Zealand Police. Christina SPENCE is accordingly declared elected.

Henderson-Massey Local Board (eight members)

AUVA’A, Janice (Independent) 4745
BAINBRIDGE, Wayne 3531
BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent) 2528
BENTLEY, June (Independent) 3704
BRADY, Brenda (Independent) 6934
BROWN-TALAMAIVAO, Cheryl (Labour) 5840
CHALMERS, Elizabeth 5829
CHALMERS, Jesse 6305
CHAN Peter, (Henderson Massey Residents Group) 7426
CLARK, Russell (Labour) 5909
COOPER, Chris (Labour) 6450
Votes received
COOPER, Linda (Independent) 9490
COOTE, Michael (Independent) 2702
DEGIA-PALA, Anne 2391
FLAUNTY, Warren William (Independent) 7383
FLAVELL, Will (Labour) 6558
HENDERSON, Shane (Labour) 7135
JEAVONS, Robert (Independent) 1347
JOLLEY, Mike (Independent) 5445
KIRKLEY, Tracy (Independent) 6430
MCDONALD, Steve (Henderson Massey Residents Group) 4018
NEESON, Vanessa (Independent) 8878
NOBILO, Leo Frank (Independent) 5224
O’ROURKE, Thomas (Conservative) 2746
RIDDELL, John (Henderson Massey Residents Group) 4756
STEADMAN, Heather 1701
STEWART, Gary (Green Party) 4532
WILSON, Luke 6645

Informal votes received: 197 Blank votes received: 653

I therefore declare Brenda BRADY, Peter CHAN, Linda COOPER,
Warren William FLAUNTY, Will FLAVELL, Shane HENDERSON,
Vanessa NEESON and Luke WILSON to be elected. However,
as Linda COOPER has been declared elected as a Councillor to
the Waitākere Ward, her name has been withdrawn and the next
highest polling candidate, Chris COOPER, is declared elected.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board consisting of:

East Coast Bays Subdivision (four members)

BENSON-COOPER, Edward Grady (Independent) 1695
BETTANY, Chris 3008
CAITHNESS, Rob (Conservative) 2309
CONNOR, Lynne (Independent) 1145
COOPER, David (Bays Independent) 3638
DUNN, Ivan (Independent) 2557
HOLMES, Gary (Independent) 3879
HUTTON, Toby (Communities and Residents) 1562
JONES, Bob (Independent) 2945
KENDALL-JONES, Stephen (Conservative) 2361
MOORE, Teresa (Independent) 3527
MOORHEAD, Kevin (Independent) 1418
PARFITT, Julia (Independent) 5490
WHYTE, Lisa (Independent) 4672

Informal votes received: 51 Blank votes received: 691

I therefore declare David COOPER, Gary HOLMES, Julia PARFITT and Lisa WHYTE to be elected.

Hibiscus Coast Subdivision (four members)

BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent) 2036
DYER, Simonne (Conservative) 3422
FITZGERALD, Janet (Independent) 4399
HAGLER, Saunil (People and Penlink First) 3576
HARDING, Gaye Anne (Loving the Coast) 5536
JOHNSTON, Taila (Loving the Coast) 3099
KRONQVIST, Lovisa Chloe (People and Penlink First) 3760
MOUNTAIN, Danny (Conservative) 2834
SAYERS, Greg (People and Penlink First) 8070
WATSON, John (People and Penlink First) 7995
WELLS-LAKELAND, Travis (Independent) 967

Informal votes received: 43 Blank votes received: 489

I therefore declare Janet FITZGERALD, Gaye Anne HARDING, Greg SAYERS and John WATSON to be elected. However, as John WATSON has been declared elected as a Councillor to the Albany Ward, his name has been withdrawn and the next highest polling candidate, Lovisa Chloe KRONQVIST, is declared elected.

Howick Local Board consisting of:

Botany Subdivision (three members)

BOLES, Garry (Vision & Voice – Botany) 3791
CHOUDARY, Neelam (Independent) 2750
SCHWANER, Lucy (Vision & Voice – Botany) 4327
TURINSKY, Mike (Independent) 3145
WICHMAN, Bob (Independent) 4067
WILLIAMS, Michael (Residents and Ratepayers) 3286
YOUNG, Paul (Conservative) 2854
YOUNG, Peter (Vision & Voice – Botany) 3474

Informal votes received: 8 Blank votes received: 402

I therefore declare Garry BOLES, Lucy SCHWANER and Bob WICHMAN to be elected.

Howick Subdivision (three members)

BURTON, Murray (Independent) 3578
CRAIG, Andrew (Conservative) 2715
DONALD, Jim (Residents and Ratepayers) 4505
ELLERY, David (Vision & Voice – Howick) 3371
FOSTER, Jenny (Independent) 3327
SPILLER, John (Independent) 6086
URQUHART, Bruce (Vision & Voice – Howick) 2423
WHITE, Adele (Vision & Voice – Howick) 6289

Informal votes received: 9 Blank votes received :377

I therefore declare Jim DONALD, John SPILLER and Adele WHITE to be elected.

Pakuranga Subdivision (three members)

BUNGARD, Katrina (Vision & Voice – Pakuranga) 4419
COLLINGS, David (Vision & Voice – Pakuranga) 5204
GEDGE, Darron (Conservative) 1810
HEGLEY, Rowan (Independent) 2697
HUANG, Wayne (Residents and Ratepayers) 2712
MACKAY, Heather (Independent) 2025
UDY, Steve (Independent) 3957
WARREN, Shirley (Residents and Ratepayers) 2727
WILLIAMSON, Simon (Vision & Voice – Pakuranga) 2904

Informal votes received: 14 Blank votes received: 405

I therefore declare Katrina BUNGARD, David COLLINGS and Steve UDY to be elected.

Kaipātiki Local Board (eight members)

ASHCROFT, Nerida 4783
BENSON-COOPER, Edward (Independent) 2749
BENSON-COOPER, Mary-Anne (Independent) 3611
BURN, Peter (Better Rates Return for Kaipatiki) 4442
CRAWSHAW, Mike (Independent) 3108
DUNN, Ivan (Independent) 3655
FORD, Elaine (Conservative) 4476
GENTIL, Bob (Independent) 3209
GILLON, Grant (Team of Independents) 9800
GILLON, John (Team of Independents) 7384
GRANT, Danielle (Kaipatiki Voice) 5743
HARTLEY, Ann (Kaipatiki Voice) 9602
HILLS, Richard (Kaipatiki Voice) 7931
KEARNEY, Nick 5222
LAWES, Martin (Ratepayer’s Choice) 4143
MACPHERSON, Calum (Independent) 4722
MARSHALL, Chris (Transport Action) 5193
MCINTYRE, Kay (Kaipatiki Voice) 6507
PIGG, Lorene (Team of Independents) 6631
PLUNKETT, Bill (Independent) 4375
ROGERS, Ben (Kaipatiki Voice) 4700
THORNTON, Gary Stephen (Team of Independents) 3383
WAUGH, Lindsay (Kaipatiki Voice) 7484

Informal votes received: 145 Blank votes received: 843

I therefore declare Grant GILLON, John GILLON, Danielle GRANT, Ann HARTLEY, Richard HILLS, Kay MCINTYRE, Lorene PIGG and Lindsay WAUGH to be elected

Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board (seven members)

BAKULICH, Nick Leiloa (Labour) 8491
ELLIOTT, Carrol (Labour) 9518
FILIMOEHALA, Kayla (Mana Movement) 3828
FOWLER, Roger (Mana Movement) 3259
GUMMER, Roger (Independent) 3195
LAUESE, Tafafunai Tasi (Labour) 7740
O’BRIEN, Christine Frances (Labour) 8621
PAPALI’I, James (Mana Movement) 3902
PATUA, Sam (Independent) 2910
SKELTON, Leau Peter (Labour) 8262
SOSENE, Lydia (Labour) 8408
STITT, Kevin (Conservative) 3210
TOGIAMUA, Walter (Labour) 8303
TRINDER, Joe (Mana Movement) 2209

Informal votes received: 35 Blank votes received: 481

I therefore declare Nick Leiloa BAKULICH, Carrol ELLIOTT, Tafafunai Tasi LAUESE, Christine Frances O’BRIEN, Leau Peter SKELTON, Lydia SOSENE and Walter TOGIAMUA to be elected.

Manurewa Local Board (eight members)

BAILEY, Michael (Manurewa Action Team) 7833
BARROWMAN, Elizabeth (Team Manurewa) 5569
BROWN, Simeon (Manurewa Action Team) 7539
CATTELL, Lillian (Team Manurewa) 3218
CUNNINGHAM-MARINO, Angela (Manurewa Action Team) 6521
DALTON, Angela (Manurewa Action Team) 8689
FARRELLY, Neville (Independent) 2742
GOLDSWORTHY, Judi (Team Manurewa) 3713
GREENING, Toa (Team Manurewa) 5756
HALL, John (Independent) 2586
HAWKINS, George (Manurewa Action Team) 8053
JOY, Michael (Team Manurewa) 4312
LOGAN, Jane (Team Manurewa) 3749
MANAIA, Barney (Team Manurewa) 3658
MCCORMICK, Danella (Manurewa Action Team) 6040
PENNEY, Ken (Manurewa Action Team) 7917
ROBSON, Ezekiel (Team Manurewa) 3691
WILSON, Vivenne 3021
WRIGHTSON, Daryl (Manurewa Action Team) 6431

Informal votes received: 71 Blank votes received: 528

I therefore declare Michael BAILEY, Simeon BROWN, Angela
MCCORMICK, Ken PENNEY and Daryl WRIGHTSON to be elected.

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board consisting of:

Maungakiekie Subdivision (three members)

CLARK, Brett (Maungakiekie Team)
GRAHAM, Bridget (Maungakiekie Team)
RANDALL, Simon (Maungakiekie Team)

As the number of candidates did not exceed the number of vacancies, Brett CLARK, Bridget GRAHAM and Simon RANDALL were duly declared elected members of Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board (Maungakiekie Subdivision) on 21 August 2013.

Tāmaki Subdivision (four members)

BARTLEY, Josephine (Labour) 6233
CALVERT, Jocelyn (Independent) 2587
DAINTY, Yvonne (Independent) 2125
MAKOARE, Chris (Labour) 5708
NGATA, Makelesi 1847
O’MEARA, Patrick (Independent) 2435
UNASA, Obed (Labour) 4392
VERRALL, Alan (Labour) 5548

Informal votes received:14 Blank votes received: 662

I therefore declare Josephine BARTLEY, Chris MAKOARE, Obed UNASA and Alan VERRALL to be elected.

Orākei Local Board (seven members)

BAGULEY, Ken (Orakei Communities and Residents) 14,473
CARLIN, Bill (Independent) 6595
CHURTON, Troy (Orakei Communities and Residents) 15,770
COOKE, Kate (Orakei Communities and Residents) 13,586
CRAIG, Andrew (Conservative) 5662
DAVIS, Colin (Orakei Communities and Residents) 14,606
HAYMAN, Jennie 4230
PARKINSON, Kit (Orakei Communities and Residents) 14,224
SIGGAARD, Dorthe (Green Party) 6940
SIMPSON, Desley (Orakei Communities and Residents) 17,150
THOMAS, Mark (Orakei Communities and Residents) 16,714

Informal votes received: 30 Blank votes received: 2124

I therefore declare Ken BAGULEY, Troy CHURTON, Kate COOKE, Colin DAVIS, Kit PARKINSON, Desley SIMPSON and Mark THOMAS to be elected.

Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board consisting of:

Ōtara Subdivision (three members)

COLLINS, Efeso (Labour) 3110
FULI, Lotu (Labour) 2889
GUSH, Mary (Labour) 2529
HEI HEI, Ian (Mana Movement) 416
JEFFERSON, Jenn (Otara Local Independents) 950
MAEA, Willie (Otara Local Independents) 1618
MANAPORI, Tupou Tamata 1084
NADEN, Vanessa (Independent) 437
PAPALI’I, Poutoa (Otara Local Independents) 2170
SINCLAIR, Jim (Otara First) 1384

Informal votes received: 18 Blank votes received: 160

I therefore declare Efeso COLLINS, Lotu FULI and Mary GUSH to be elected.

Papatoetoe Subdivision (four members)

AIOLUPOTEA-AIONO, Sina (Team Papatoetoe) 3306
CHOUDHARY, Ashraf (Team Papatoetoe) 3012
GREY, Stephen (Papatoetoe Local Independents) 3541
HALL, Alistaire (Team Papatoetoe) 3091
LEE, Donna (Papatoetoe Local Independents) 4480
MCCRACKEN, John (Papatoetoe Local Independents) 3839
O’BRIEN, Paul (Papatoetoe Local Independents) 2616
ROBERTSON, Ross (Team Papatoetoe) 6074
RYAN, Anthony 884
STRONG, Ray (Independent) 2311

Informal votes received: 31 Blank votes received: 231

I therefore declare Stephen GREY, Donna LEE, John MCCRACKEN and Ross ROBERTSON to be elected.

Papakura Local Board (six members)

AUVA’A, Felicity Jane (Team Papakura) 3200
BRITNELL, Stuart (Papakura First) 4035
CATCHPOLE, Brent (Independent) 3848
CRAIG, Andrew (Conservative) 1532
GOODALL, Simon (Papakura First) 3411
HAYHOW, Nicky (Team Papakura) 2626
JOYCE-TAHERE, Hine (Team Papakura) 2831
MCENTEE, Bill (Papakura First) 5675
OVENS, Jill (Labour) 1799
PIGGOTT, Katrina (Independent) 3392
PURDY, Graham (Papakura First) 4718
RICHARDS, Len (Labour) 1786
ROBINSON, John (Team Papakura) 3210
TURNER, Michael (Papakura First) 4442
WINN, Katrina (Papakura First) 4515

Informal votes received: 60 Blank votes received: 307

I therefore declare Stuart BRITNELL, Brent CATCHPOLE, Bill MCENTEE, Graham PURDY, Michael TURNER and Katrina WINN to be elected.

Puketāpapa Local Board (six members)

BARTER, Richard (Communities and Residents) 5135
DOIG, Harry (Roskill Community Voice) 5496
ECCLES, Peter (Independent) 1844
FAIREY, Julie (Roskill Community Voice) 6591
HOLM, David (Roskill Community Voice) 5593
HOULTHAM, Garth (Roskill Community Voice) 4636
KAUSHAL, Shail (Roskill Community Voice) 5023
KUMAR, Ella (Communities and Residents) 5564
MUYS, Peter (Communities and Residents) 4911
PIGG, Darren 1534
REBELLO, Joseph (Conservative) 1620
SHANKAR, Hari 1217
SOMMER, Paul (Conservative) 2125
TURNBULL, Nigel (Communities and Residents) 6207
VAN TUINEN, Matt (Communities and Residents) 3866
WOOD, Michael (Roskill Community Voice) 7163

Informal votes received: 55 Blank votes received: 650

I therefore declare Harry DOIG, Julie FAIREY, David HOLM, Ella KUMAR, Nigel TURNBULL, and Michael WOOD to be elected.

Rodney Local Board consisting of:

Dairy Flat Subdivision (one member)
BRYDON, Peter (Independent) 457
CRAIG, Ross (Conservative) 392
MCLEAN, John (Independent) 683

Informal votes received: 0 Blank votes received: 118

I therefore declare John MCLEAN to be elected.

Kumeu Subdivision (four members)

DAYE, Paula (Independent) 1913
DOSTINE, Vivien (Independent) 733
FLAUNTY, Warren William (Independent) 2512
GRACE, Thomas (Independent) 2587
HANCOCK, Morgan (Independent) 1967
HOWARD, Bob 2367
PIRRIE, Phelan Michael (Independent) 2557
STEELE, Brenda 3045
VITALI, Oliver (Conservative) 1660

Informal votes received: 8 Blank votes received: 242

I therefore declare Warren William FLAUNTY, Thomas GRACE, Phelan Michael PIRRIE and Brenda STEELE to be elected.

Warkworth Subdivision (three members)

BOWES, Geoffrey 931
GARNER, Steven Robert 2723
HESLOP, Nathaniel (Conservative) 1668
HOULBROOKE, Beth (Independent) 2323
MANSON, Bruce 1449
MARTIN, Anne 1461
MONAHAN, Regan (Conservative) 656
SAYERS, Greg 1837
SCOGGINS, Bruce (Independent) 1112
TURNER, June (Action With Results) 1543

Informal votes received: 13 Blank votes received: 168

I therefore declare Steven Robert GARNER, Beth HOULBROOKE and Greg SAYERS to be elected.

Wellsford Subdivision (one member)

COLVILLE, James George 534
DE THIERRY, Thomas (Independent) 349
O’ROURKE, Thomas (Conservative) 217
SOWDEN, Tony 262

Informal votes received: 4 Blank votes received: 57

I therefore declare James George COLVILLE to be elected.

Upper Harbour Local Board (six members)

BALOUCH, Uzra Casuri (Team of Independents) 3530
BLAIR, Callum (Conservative) 5450
MAYNE, Nicholas 4418
MCDONALD, Jonathan 2013
MCLEAN, John (Independent) 5129
MILES, Margaret 6344
NEESON, Brian (Independent) 6450
RANKIN, Christine (Conservative) 7101
WHYTE, Lisa (Independent) 7101

Informal votes received: 15 Blank votes received: 620

I therefore declare Callum BLAIR, John MCLEAN, Margaret MILES, Brian NEESON, Christine RANKIN and Lisa WHYTE to be elected.

Waiheke Local Board (five members)

BALLARD, Becs 1797
BROWN, Shirin (Independent) 1909
HOLMES, Jo (Waiheke ‘A’ Team) 1187
HOOPER, Graham (Independent) 381
MCCANN, Sue (Independent) 1390
MCKENZIE, Don (Waiheke ‘A’ Team) 1333
MEEUWSEN, John 1679
MELVILLE, Richard (Independent) 952
STORER, Faye (Waiheke ‘A’ Team) 1246
TREADWELL, Beatle 2236
WALDEN, Paul 2293

Informal votes received: 6 Blank votes received: 36

I therefore declare Becs BALLARD, Shirin BROWN, John MEEUWSEN, Beatle TREADWELL and Paul WALDEN to be elected.

Waitākere Ranges Local Board (six members)

BELLINGHAM, Mark (Independent) 3227
BRICKELL, Mark (WestWards) 3452
CLEWS, Janet (Progressive Independents) 3786
CONEY, Sandra (Future West) 5879
CONLON, Jennifer (Team Local – Independent) 2722
HENDERSON, Neil (Future West) 4886
KNOX, Jonny (WestWards) 2830
LAWLEY, Judy (Team Local – Independent) 3733
MARSHALL, Gayle (Independent) 1964
POTAUAINE, Linda (WestWards) 2773
PRESLAND, Greg (Future West) 4507
TAYLOR, Evan (Progressive Independents) 1584
TOLLESTRUP, Steve (Future West – Green) 3989
TOMS, Saffron (Future West) 4062
TURNER, Ken (WestWards) 3566
WATT, Lawrence (Independent) 1809
WOOLSTON, Jason 2064
YATES, Denise (Future West) 4747

Informal votes received: 81 Blank votes received: 453

I therefore declare Sandra CONEY, Neil HENDERSON, Greg PRESLAND, Steve TOLLESTRUP, Saffron TOMS and Denise YATES to be elected.

Waitematā Local Board (seven members)

AMOS, Adam 1137
BECKETT, Mark (Team Waitemata) 3235
BERRY, Stephen (Affordable Auckland) 2920
CHAMBERS, Shale (City Vision) 6986
COOM, Pippa (City Vision) 8228
DAVEY, Mark (Team Waitemata) 3840
DEMPSEY, Christopher (City Vision) 6329
FISHER, Charlotte 2996
GREENFIELD, Stephen (Conservative) 2329
HILL, Gerry (Independent) 2340
HOBAN, Russell (City Vision) 4440
MACPHERSON, Kris (Independent) 3493
MATSON, Allan (Independent) 3346
MEADS, Peter (Team Waitemata) 3182
MOYLE, Greg (Team Waitemata) 6596
O’LOUGHLIN, Beth (Team Waitemata) 2540
READE, Tricia (City Vision) 5597
TAVA, Vernon (City Vision) 5757
THOMAS, Rob (Independent) 7419
YATES, Deborah (City Vision) 5951

Informal votes received: 63 Blank votes received: 1104

I therefore declare Shale CHAMBERS, Pippa COOM, Christopher DEMPSEY, Greg MOYLE, Vernon TAVA, Rob THOMAS and Deborah YATES to be elected.

Whau Local Board (seven members)

ANDERSON, John (Community Independents) 2340
BALE, Heidi (Affordable Auckland) 1970
BATTERSBY, Derek (Progressive Independents) 5617
CHAND, Ami (Labour) 4254
CHEN, Jia Jia (Progressive Independents) 2434
CLOW, Ross (Labour) 7270
DAVIE, Kathryn (Community Independents) 3664
DAVIE, Paul (Community Independents) 3053
FARMER, Catherine (Labour) 6145
GIBBONS, Gordon (Community First) 2643
LAI, Francis (Community First) 2381
LAWLEY, Judy (Totally Independent) 3689
MACDONALD, Duncan (Community First) 4979
MACDONALD , Glenys (Community First) 2371
MAEATA’ANOA, Winnie (Community Independents) 2182
MANUKIA-SCHAUMKEL, Ruby (Labour) 4833
MATAFAI, Simon (Labour) 4635
MITRA, Raj (Community First) 3527
O’ROURKE, Thomas (Conservative) 1912
PARSONS, Anna (Independent) 3404
PATEL, Manilal (Community Independents) 1643
ROBERTSON, Hagen (Mana Movement) 1218
SHADBOLT, Reuben (Independent) 3283
TAYLOR, Sandy (Progressive Independents) 3020
THOMPSON, Allan John (Independent) 1192
THOMSEN, Bernadette (Community First) 2918
TULLOCH, Mark (Community Independents) 1854
WATT, Lawrence (Independent) 1684
WEIR, Jack (Progressive Independents) 2380
WILKIN-HOLLAND, Glen (Community Independents) 1432
YIN, Howie (Community First) 3803
ZHU, Susan (Labour) 4842

Informal votes received: 172 Blank votes received: 623

I therefore declare Derek BATTERSBY, Ross CLOW, Catherine FARMER, Duncan MACDONALD, Ruby MANUKIA-SCHAUMKEL, Simon MATAFAI and Susan ZHU to be elected. However, as Ross CLOW has been declared elected as a Councillor to the Whau Ward, his name has been withdrawn and the next highest polling candidate, Ami CHAND, is declared elected.

Dated at Auckland, 21 October 2013.

Bruce Thomas
Electoral Officer
Auckland Council
Phone (09) 973 5212 or 0800 922 822
Level 10, 45 Queen Street, Auckland.

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