Public notices - District plans

9 November 2011 - Auckland Council District Plan Central and Isthmus Sections - 71-75 Grafton Road, Grafton 


Auckland Council has resolved to approve the following plan modifications
to the Auckland Council district plan:

  • Private Plan Changes 272 (Isthmus Section) and 53 (Central Area Section)
    to the Auckland Council District Plan seek to rezone the land at 71-75
    Grafton Road, Grafton from the Transport Corridor Precinct (Central Area
    Plan) to Business 4 (Isthmus Plan) and remove the site from the Central
    Area Plan and include it within the Isthmus Plan.

The plan changes have been amended as a consequence of the council’s
decisions on submissions. These amendments include:

  • applying the interchange control area rule to the site
  • applying a site-specific concept plan that limits the permitted activities
    and applies additional rules to future development.

Enquiries: Operative Plans Central, ph 09 301 0101

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