Public notices - District plan

29 November 2012 - Notice of decision made on submissions to Auckland Council plan changes 


Proposed Change 16 to the Auckland Council Regional Policy Statement - Extension to the Metropolitan Urban Limits - Silverdale Industrial Extension

Proposed Variation 6 to the Auckland Council Regional Plan:
Air, Land and Water (Operative in Part) - Extension to the Urban
Air Quality Management Area - Silverdale Industrial Extension

Proposed Plan Change 131 to the Auckland Council District
Plan (Rodney Section) - Rezoning of Land for Industrial Purposes
at Silverdale

The decision on submissions to the above plan changes has been
made and a copy sent to the submitters concerned.

A copy of the decision report can be viewed on the Auckland Council website (click on Plan changes and scroll to Plan Change 131).

A copy can also be obtained from Benjamin Ormsby on 09 484 6442.

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