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23 August 2017 Notice of intention to take land for riparian, open space, walking and cycling access, and stormwater purposes 


100 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland

Notice is given that Auckland Council, under the provisions of section 23 of the Public Works Act 1981, proposes to take the land ("land") described in the Schedule of this notice for riparian, open space, walking and cycling access, and stormwater purposes.

The land is required for riparian, open space, walking and cycling access and stormwater purposes and it is intended to use the land for riparian, open space, walking and cycling access and stormwater purposes.

The reasons why Auckland Council considers it essential to take the land are as follows:

Rawiri Stream forms the western edge of Hobsonville Corridor, and is the boundary between future residential and industrial development.

The stream runs through a number of private properties. The stream, riparian margin and floodplain is identified for protection and restoration through the catchment management plan. Public ownership of Rawiri stream and its margin reserve has been assessed as a high priority against the Parks and Open Space Acquisition Policy, and the Upper Harbour Local Board has endorsed its acquisition.

The margin reserve will provide an off-street connection for walking and cycling between State Highway 18 cycle way and Hobsonville Road, and has high ecological qualities.

The riparian margin will enhance the visual amenity in the industrial precinct, create a buffer between residential and industrial land use while also providing open space for passive recreation. Agreements with all the other affected property owners to acquire the margin reserve within their properties have been reached.

Auckland Council considers it essential to take the required land to achieve the intended purposes for the margin reserve.

The owners of the land and those with an interest in it have been served with notice of Auckland Council's intention to take the land and have been advised of their right to object.

Any other person having the right to object may send a written objection to the Registrar, Environment Court, Tribunals Division, Department of Courts, PO Box 7147, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141, within 20 working days after the  publication of this notice.

If any objection is made in accordance with this notice, a public hearing of the objection will be held with the right of the objector to appear and be heard personally, unless the objector otherwise requires, and each objector will be advised of the time and place of the hearing.

Any person requiring further information in respect of this notice should contact Edward Leong, Thomas Consultants Limited, Ground Floor, Waitakere Central One, 4 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612; Postal Address PO Box 12-1393, Henderson, Auckland 0650; Telephone +64 9 836 1804.

North Auckland Land District


The part of the land located at 100 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland shown as Section 2 on SO Plan 511858 being part Lot 3 Deposited Plan 56849 and part of the land described Computer Freehold Register NA 12C/778.

Dated at Auckland on 23 August 2017.

Stephen Town
Chief Executive, Auckland Council


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