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14 September 2017 - Proposal to Reclassify Part of Moire Park (closing date: 20 October 2017) 


Proposal to Reclassify Part of Moire Park

Pursuant to Section 24 (2) (b) of the Reserves Act 1977, Auckland Council hereby notifies its intention to reclassify the land parcel described in the schedule below which forms part of Moire Park.

The Reserves Act requires all reserves to be classified to reflect the nature of the activities occupying them.  The Leataata O Le Lumanai Samoa Trust  occupies a hall and crèche at 93 Moire Road in Massey and sited at the northern end of Moire Park.

The buildings occupied by the Trust are sited on a local purpose (community buildings) reserve. The Trust proposes to demolish the hall and build a new community facility adjacent to the existing crèche.

A portion of the crèche and part of the proposed new facility site comprising 682 square metres encroaches into the adjoining classified recreation reserve that forms part of Moire Park.

It is therefore proposed that 682 square metres of the adjoining recreation reserve be reclassified by the Council pursuant to the Reserves Act from recreation reserve to local purpose (community buildings) reserve. Once the 682 square metres have been reclassified as a local purpose (community buildings) reserve, the reclassified land will align with the activities carried out within the occupying community buildings and therefore comply with the requirements of the Reserves Act. 

A plan showing the proposed reclassification for Moire Park is available for public viewing at the Henderson-Massey Local Board Office at 6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed reclassification may do so in writing and addressed to the Chief Executive, Auckland Council, Private Bag 93200, Auckland 1142, Attention Dave Bayley, no later than 5pm on Friday 20th October 2017. Alternatively, objections may be emailed to Dave Bayley.

Objections should state if the objector wishes to be heard.  Any objector’s information provided to the Council will become subject to the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1977 and may be released by the Council under that Act. Any objector should state in their objection if the whole or any part of the objection is to be kept confidential.

Section 1 SO 515641 comprising 682 square metres and contained in Part NA18D/402 (Cancelled)

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