Grants and funding

Grants policy and programmes

Auckland Council recognises the vital role community groups and organisations play in helping Auckland become the world’s most liveable city.

Grants are one way that the council contributes to a thriving community sector, by supporting organisations to deliver a wide range of services, projects and events that benefit Aucklanders.

Community Grants Policy

Our Community Grants Policy came into effect on 1 July 2015. This policy creates a fairer, simpler and more accessible approach to accessing Council grants. It guides the allocation of local and regional grants to groups, organisations and individuals involved in the delivery of projects, activities and services that benefit Aucklanders.

The new policy has three main grant types:

  • Local grant programmes - each local board has now adopted a grants programme.
  • Regional grant programmes
  • Multi-board grants - Applicants can apply to three or more local boards for the same project. Applicants will need to apply to the local board with the earliest closing date.

These grant types support:

  • Arts
  • Events
  • Community
  • Sport and recreation
  • Environment
  • Heritage

Community grants policy - Full document (PDF 700KB)

Available grants

The majority of the council's grant schemes have been replaced with these grant programmes.

Local board grant programmes

Grants for projects, activities or events that have a local impact will be progressively available from 1 July 2015.

Each local board has adopted a grant programme. The programmes detail:

  • outcomes and priorities of the local board
  • grant schemes offered by each board
  • minimum and maximum grant amounts
  • grant round dates
  • any additional accountability requirements.

Find your local board. Information about each board's grant programme can be found under the Local board grant information heading on this page.

A guide to local board grant programmes is available to help you before you begin to fill out the online application form:

Applicants' guide to local board grant programmes (PDF 77KB)

Regional grant programmes

Grants for projects, activities, or events that have a regional impact will be progressively available during 2016.

Regional grant programmes include:

  • Regional Arts and Culture Grants Programme
  • Regional Community Development Grants Programme
  • Regional Environment and Natural Heritage Grants Programme
  • Regional Events Fund
  • Regional Historic Heritage Grant Programme
  • Regional Sport and Recreation Grant Programme
    Citywide-only grant used for a range of programmes, projects and activities that encourage Aucklanders to be more active, more often. It cannot be used for the capital funding and development of new or existing facilities.

Other grant programmes

The grant programmes that will continue after 1 July are:

Submitting your accountability report online

If you have received a grant from council since 1 July 2013 you will need to submit an accountability report online, attaching your receipts. This shows us how you have used your grant.

If the report is not submitted by the due date and time, your group will become ineligible for further Auckland Council funding.

You can access the accountability report form, and see when it is due, on the SmartyGrants website (log in and then click on the 'My Submissions' link at the top of the page).

If your account has become locked, it will be because you have not submitted the form by the due date. Contact us and ask to speak to your local community grants advisor.

If you have not spent all of the grant

If you have not spent all of the grant given by Auckland Council or its local boards when you have completed your project, event, activity or programme, you must return the unspent portion.

Contact us and ask to speak to a community grants advisor.

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