Discover our heritage

Heritage reinforces our sense of history, belonging, identity and place. It enriches our environment, provides continuity and is a source of pride.

It helps define what is unique and distinctive about Auckland.

It is also fun and educational. Interacting with the heritage around us is a wonderful way to learn.

Experience our heritage by visiting a historic home in a regional park, walking a heritage trail or taking part in an event during the heritage festival.

Auckland Council owns and manages many heritage places on behalf of local communities. We provide resources to help people understand and value heritage.

Auckland Town Hall. Our aim, as set out in the Auckland Plan, is to protect and conserve Auckland's heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

Focus on Heritage newsletter

Focus on Heritage is Auckland Council's quarterly Heritage eNewsletter, bringing you topical news, events, and important information on all things heritage.

You can sign up online to the Focus on Heritage newsletter.

Museums and galleries

You can learn about all aspects of our built, cultural and natural heritage, for free, in a number of museums and facilities.

Visit the following sites for more information:

You can experience historic heritage by visiting our featured heritage sites, using our heritage walk maps, or taking part in the yearly Heritage Festival. You can also browse the Cultural Heritage Inventory, below.


Cultural Heritage Inventory (CHI)

The Cultural Heritage Inventory (CHI) is a computer database containing information on over 17,000 heritage places, including:

  • archaeological and maritime sites
  • built and botanical heritage areas and places
  • sites of significance to tangata whenua.

It is used to store and retrieve information on historic heritage places in the Auckland region, and is divided into two sections:

  • places - includes information on individual historic heritage places
  • bibliography - includes reference material such as reports, assessments, surveys and newspapers.

The CHI does not afford formal protection to historic heritage places.

You can find more information about conservation initiatives and protecting our heritage, as well as heritage legislation and how you can get involved with heritage.

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