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Permits and licences you might need for your event

Depending on the nature of your event, you may need to apply for other licences and permits aside from your event permit.

Contact us and ask for an event facilitator to confirm which permits your event would require.

These additional permits and licences may include:

Amusement device permit

An amusement device is any mechanically powered unit that is used for rider enjoyment. This does not include bouncy castles and inflatable slides.

Apply for a permit at least 10 working days before your planned event. If you need an urgent inspection (less than 10 working days), let us know when you submit your application. Officers may or may not be available for late notice inspections.

Apply and pay online

You will need to login to complete an online application form.

You can pay by MasterCard, Visa or Account2Account (bank transfer).

Apply and pay in person

Download and fill in an application form:

Application for a permit to operate an amusement device (PDF 229 KB) 

You can drop off your application at any of our service centres and pay by cash, cheque, eftpos, MasterCard or Visa.

If posting your application, include a cheque. Post to:

Auckland Council
Licensing and Compliance Services
Private Bag 92 300
Auckland 1142

Fire permit

Unless Auckland Council has given prior approval, fireworks are not allowed in public places. Environmental Protection Authority issues permits for land-based fireworks displays.

Call the Harbourmaster’s office at 09 362 0397 for fireworks displays to be held on water (i.e. a barge).

View more information on Lighting fireworks, bonfires and sky lanterns.

Food stall health registration

As an event organiser, you need to ensure that all participating food vendors at your event have a health registration certificate. If you are selling food for fundraising, a health registration is not required.

Collect and submit all vendors’ registration information at least 60 days prior to your event.

Read more about food stalls.

Liquor licence

Apply for a special licence for events if you are going to either:

  • sell alcohol at your event
  • charge an entry fee or collect donations at an event where alcohol is supplied for free.

Submit your application at least 20 working days before your event.

Trading and performance licences

There are street trading and performance licences required for trading and entertainment activities.

Fundraising licence

Apply for a fundraising licence if you are a registered charity and want to fundraise in a public place. You do not need a licence to fundraise at a private property but need the owner’s permission.

Market licence

Apply for a public markets licence if you want to hold a market at a public place. This is not required if you are going to participate at an existing market.

Mobile trading licence

Apply for a mobile trading and commercial services licence if you have a mobile shop and want to trade at a public space. Mobile trading licences are issued for fixed locations and can cover up to two locations.

Outdoor dining licence

Apply for an outdoor dining licence if you will set up outdoor dining on public land. This includes tables and chairs on footpaths, streets, parks or recreational area.

Street performance licence

Apply for a street performance and busking licence to perform at a public place. These include musical performances, mime, puppetry, magic tricks, among others.

Temporary structure and building consent

You need to apply for building consent if you are planning to erect:

  • marquees over 100m2
  • marguees that will be up for longer than a month
  • stages, gantries or grandstands over 1.5m above ground
  • structures over 2.5m such as signage, artwork or platforms.

Resource consent

You need to apply for resource consent for activities that have an effect on the environment. This includes commercial fireworks, because of the discharge of contaminated substances. District and regional plans of former councils set the rules on whether you need a resource consent or not for your event.

You may need to apply for a resource consent for holding a market depending on your location.

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