Commercial activity in parks

You need a permit to carry out any activity in a park or reserve if it generates private benefit or financial reward.

This includes commercial activities without permanent infrastructure:

  • mobile vendors
  • hiring recreation equipment
  •  guiding and tuition.

The activity must contribute to the positive experience of the park without negatively affecting park values, creating conflict or competition among vendors.

To hold an event or film in a park, see Getting permission to hold your event.

Get permission to carry out a commercial activity in a park

We grant one-year permits for the first term, with a maximum of five-year permits to proven operators. We will discuss licence fees with you at the time of application.

We will assess your application based on the potential benefits provided by the proposed activity.

We also look at the impact on the:

  • recreational values, including effects on other park users 
  • park’s natural, cultural and tangata whenua values 
  • surrounding neighbourhood or community.

The application process varies depending on the type of park.

Regional park

To propose a commercial activity in a regional park, you need to contact us and:

Please refer to the list of companies currently permitted to operate commercial activities on regional parkland.

Local or sports park

You will need landowner approval and a street trading licence to carry out a commercial activity in a local or sports park.

You will need to let us know how the activity will affect the park.

Landowner conditions may be included as part of your street and public places trading permit.

To request landowner approval, you need to submit the Land owner approval application form (PDF 194KB).

Fitness training or bootcamps

You only need approval to run fitness training or bootcamps in parks if you're using equipment that digs into the ground, such as flags. If you want to use this sort of equipment, you need landowner approval.

All operators should follow our code of conduct for fitness training on Auckland Council parkland (PDF 82KB).

You can also contact us to talk about locations that are or aren't appropriate.

Perform research or collect plants in a regional park

You need a permit to undertake commercial or educational research and may have to pay an application fee. 

You will need to contact us and:

Lease a regional park for exclusive use

Contact us to apply for a new lease for exclusive use of regional parkland.

To apply for a renewal or variation of a current lease or license, you will need to contact us and:

Companies operating on regional parkland

Click on the activity below to find out which companies are permitted to operate commercially on regional parkland:

  • Berry Yummy Ice Cream
  • Danish Delight Icecream
  • GMC Tech NZ Ltd, trading as Mr Whippy
  • Peter Hapeta - Kiwi Grill
  • Supa Softee Icecream (Shakespear)
  • Superwhip Mobile Icecream
  • Andre Lambly - Beekeeper
  • Auckland Honey House Limited
  • Beebox Limited
  • Paul Carstensen - Beekeeper
  • Zelande Limited - Beekeeper

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