Community venues

Providing food and alcohol at community venues


You will need to read the terms and conditions of your hire contract to find out what your obligations are if you are providing food at your event.


If you are planning to have alcohol at your event you may need to apply for an alcohol licence.

You can supply alcohol at your event without a licence if you are holding a genuine private social gathering in a public facility, as long as the public is not able to access the event.

When you need an alcohol licence

If you want to sell alcohol at your event or your event is open to the public, you will need a special alcohol licence. You will need to apply at least 20 working days before your event.

See Apply for a special licence for more information. If you're still unsure, phone us on 09 301 0101 and ask to speak to our licensing department.

The cost of alcohol licences

The cost will vary depending on what type of licence you are applying for, how many people and how often you are having the event.

Use our alcohol fee licence calculator to help you work out the application fee.

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