Auckland Domain

Also known as The Domain, Duck Ponds, Wintergardens, Sensory Gardens, Pukekawa, Pukekaroa, Cenotaph, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Band Rotunda, Kiosk and Gum Tree Hill.

Auckland Domain/Pukekawa Master Plan

On 26 July 2016, the Auckland Domain Committee adopted a master plan for Auckland Domain/Pukekawa.  The master plan is a twenty year aspiration for how the park can develop. 

View the Auckland Domain/Pukekawa Master Plan. 


  • Park Road, Grafton
  • 2.5km - 5 minute drive from downtown Auckland

Auckland Domain is the city's oldest park. It is spacious and diverse.

The Wintergardens are a feature of the Domain with the Auckland War Memorial Museum sitting at the highest point. There are formal gardens, duck ponds, large green open spaces edged by mature trees, bush walks and statuary.

The 75ha park has been developed around the cone of an extinct volcano. The 'tuff rings' created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago can be seen in the land contours and forms a natural amphitheatre with about 10 hectares developed as first-class sports fields.

The Formal Gardens evolved from an 1860s Auckland Acclimatisation Society site to test and propagate exotic trees, birds, and trout.

The Duck Ponds are the source, in 1866, of Auckland's first piped water supply.

The nearby kiosk made its debut at the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1913-1914 as 'the ideal New Zealand house'.

The 1912 band rotunda, and the statuary, inform of the Domain's tradition of individual or publicly subscribed gifts.

How to get there

By car

From Downtown Auckland, from Queen Street, turn left onto Karangahape Road, then right onto Symonds Street. Turn left onto Khyber Pass Road, then left onto Grafton Road, then right onto Park Road.

A more direct route from Symonds Street is across Grafton Bridge through Grafton Road and Park Road but note that, while walking across the bridge is allowed, there are strict restrictions on what vehicles are allowed to cross the bridge at certain times and fines are imposed on those who ignore the restrictions.

The main park gates are on Park Road, Grafton by Auckland Hospital, just a short walk across Grafton Bridge from upper Symonds Street. Other vehicle entrances are from Stanley Street, George Street and Titoki Street.

Get directions with Google Maps.

By bus and trains

The Link bus service stops at the Domain and there is the nearby Grafton train station. VIsit the AT website or phone 09 366 6400.

Opening hours

Pedestrian access: 24 hours

Amenities and activities

Band rotunda


The section of the park known as Gum Tree Hill, at the corner of George Street and Carlton Gore Road, is set aside as a dog exercise area. The gum trees provide shade for the hilly area on hot days.

Drinking fountain

There is a drinking fountain on Garden Road, in the Watson Bequest historic gardens.

Duck ponds

Plant life

Magnolia gardens sit along Domain Drive just past the Parnell Tennis Club and contain a variety of magnolias.

Sports fields

The 10 hectares of sports fields include 10 fields for rugby, league and soccer during the winter and 19 cricket wickets for the summer. This open area is surrounded by trees, monuments and the old grandstand. There is also a cricket pitch.


Toilets are located at the sports grandstand, the duck pond car park area and on Football Road, just below the museum.

Tracks and trails

See Central walkways.

Wheelchair access

There are 8 mobility carparks in the Domain. One outside the wintergardens, two at the end of the crescent, one at the end of kiosk road and four in front of the museum. 


The Wintergarden complex was established after World War I and is a protected heritage site.

The complex consists of:

  • two display glasshouses (non-heated average temperature 24°C), one containing temperate plants, the other containing tropical plants  (heated average temperature 28°C)
  • a formal courtyard with a pond in the centre
  • a fernery within an old quarry.

The complex is open all year round and is available for private events outside of public hours.

You can take photos throughout the public areas. However, do not take wedding or private photos in the display houses during public hours, as this can cause access issues for other visitors.

Entry is free.

Opening hours

1 April-31 October - Monday to Sunday 9am to 4.30pm.

1 November-31 March - Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm and Sunday 9am to 7.30pm.


Each of the four areas in the Wintergarden complex is available for weddings outside of public hours.

The capacity limits are:

  • Courtyard - 200 persons
  • Temperate house - 40 persons
  • Tropical house - 60 persons
  • Fernery - 60 persons

You'll need to allow at least half an hour after the venue closes for your booking, to give the staff time to close the facility to the public. Weddings usually finish no later than 11pm.

The facilities have toilets, lighting, and power (if notified in advance, and with proper safety precautions).

The standard charge is $300, plus $54 per hour for each parks staff member required (usually only one).

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