Dove-Myer Robinson Park

Also known as Parnell Rose Garden, Nancy Stein Memorial Gardens, Pohutukawa area, Judges Bay, St Stephens Cemetery and Fred Ambler Lookout.



  • 85-87 Gladstone Road, Parnell
  • 3.7km - 8 minute drive from Downtown Auckland

The park is a festival of colour and scent as some 5000 rose bushes grow there. The park is named after the popular and longest serving mayor who served Auckland for 18 years.


How to get there

From Downtown Auckland, travel along Quay Street and turn right onto The Strand. Turn slightly left onto Gladstone Road. You can access the park from Gladstone Road and Judges Bay Road.

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Visit the Maxx website or phone 09 366 6400.


Opening hours

Pedestrian access: 24 hours


Amenities and activities

There are some nice artworks at the Fred Ambler Lookout, an open space that overlooks the container terminal.


Drinking fountain

Parking is available along Gladstone Road and Judges Bay Road. There are car parks at Fred Ambler lookout and Judges Bay.

Plant life
The Dove-Myer Robinson Rose Gardens showcase new and old rose varieties, many of which have been bred by internationally celebrated rose breeders. The cottage-style Nancy Steen garden offers excellent examples of heritage roses. They are best viewed between October and April. The park is also home to some remarkable native trees - the oldest manuka and the largest pohutukawa tree in Auckland.





The 'white garden' is a popular venue for weddings. More information on wedding locations here.

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