Olympic Park


  • Portage Road, New Lynn
  • 12.7km - 17 minutes from Downtown Auckland

Olympic Park, located alongside the Avondale stream, was awarded the Outstanding Park Award 2007 by the New Zealand Recreation Association (NZEA). The park offers a state of the art playground, large open spaces and sports facilities.


How to get there

From Downtown Auckland, take the Northwestern Motorway and take exit 8 for Great North Road. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Avondale/New Lynn/Great North Road and merge onto Great North Road. Turn left onto Portage Road.

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Visit the Auckland Transport website or phone 09 366 6400.


Amenities and activities

There is a variety of art in the park, from traditional inspired carvings to more modern abstract art.

Children can enjoy rope-climbing frames, traditional swings with a twist and for the young ones, a large, sheltered sandpit filled with toys and activities.  

Sports fields and a velodrome are located in the park.

Wild life
The Whau River has been restored through replanting and revegetation of native streamside trees and wetland vegetation.



Tracks enable you to wander along the Avondale stream past the local artwork, and the Avondale spider sanctuary. The Avondale Spider, or Delena cancerides, was made famous as the eight legged 'killer spider' in Steven Spielberg's movie Arachnophobia.

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