Pigeon Mountain

Also known as Ohuiarangi.



  • 68 Pigeon Mountain Rd, Pakuranga
  • 17.6km - 17 minute drive from Downtown Auckland

Situated in Half Moon Bay, Pigeon Mountain is a great vantage point. From the top, you can see the Waitemata Harbour, the Tamaki River and the Manukau Harbour. This 'castle and moat' volcano overlooks the Tamaki Estuary. The mountain is an old pa site.


How to get there

From Downtown Auckland, take State Highway 1 south and take exit 437 to merge onto the Southeastern Highway/Urban Route 10. Turn left onto Ti Rakau Drive (signs for 8/Howick). Turn right onto Pakuranga Road. Take the 3rd left onto Pigeon Mountain Road.

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Visit the Maxx website or phone 09 366 6400.


Opening hours 

The summit gate is open daily from 7am-8.30pm in summer and 7am-7pm in winter, aligning with daylight savings. 


Amenities and activities

Plant life
Wetlands are being developed on the park.



There are a number of boardwalks and pathways to stroll around the site.


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