Mt Eden (Maungawhau) neighbourhood walks

There are four walks, taking about 40 minutes each. They explore different themes of historical development in the area from the 1840s onwards.

The area includes a number of buildings and sites that are registered by the New Zealand Historic Places Trust or scheduled in the council's District Plan as being of heritage value.

Those heritage classifications are:

New Zealand Historic Places Trust
  • Registered in category I means places of special or outstanding historical or cultural heritage value.
  • Registered in category II means places of historical or cultural heritage value.


Auckland City Council District Plan
  • Scheduled in category A denotes buildings, objects and places of outstanding natural beauty, or architectural, scientific or historical significance well beyond their immediate environs. Demolition of a category A item is a prohibited activity.
  • Scheduled in category B denotes buildings, objects or places of such quality and character that they should not be removed, damaged or altered significantly.


The walks

Mt Eden Village Walk

Early development of the village, including historic churches, businesses, schools, and development of the retail and social core.

Mt Eden Neighbourhood Walk

Residential subdivision and architectural styles, excursions to Mt Eden, early churches, administration and Mt Eden Primary School.

Eden Valley Shopping Centre Walk

Development of Dominion Road, early businesses, architectural styles and transport.

Mount Eden Industrial Area Walk

Early industry in the area, Mt Eden Prison, the Quarry, and the Colonial Ammunition Company.

The details of these walks including maps are published in a brochure that you can download:

Mt Eden Area - Maungawhau Heritage Walks (PDF 611KB)

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