Earthquake-Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy (2011-2016)

Earthquake-prone buildings

A new national system for managing earthquake-prone buildings took effect on 1 July 2017. This means that the provisions for earthquake-prone buildings are no longer part of the Earthquake-prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy.

The new system will ensure the way we manage our buildings for future earthquakes is consistent across the country.

Visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) website to:

  • find out more about the new system and what it covers
  • read more about the relevant acts, regulations and assessment guidelines.

Dangerous and insanitary buildings

The policy now aims to safeguard people from buildings considered dangerous or insanitary.

Download a copy of the policy:

Earthquake-Prone, Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy (PDF 892KB)

Download a summary:

Summary in English (PDF 3.5MB)
Summary in Chinese (PDF 2.5MB)
Summary in Korean (PDF 2.5MB)

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