Business Improvement District (BID) Policy

The BID policy outlines how Auckland Council works with business associations to improve the local business environment.

Read the BID policy in the Business Improvement District Programme.

Dog control policies and bylaws

The policy and bylaw on dogs came into effect on 1 July 2013.

Read more about Dog control policies and bylaws.

Earthquake-prone, dangerous and insanitary buildings policy (2011-2016)

This policy aims to reduce the level of risk to people from earthquake-prone buildings in the region.

Read more about the Earthquake-prone, dangerous, and insanitary buildings policy.


Easter Sunday trading

Council is investigating whether or not to adopt a policy that would allow shops in all or parts of Auckland to trade on Easter Sunday from 2018.

Read more about the Easter Sunday trading investigation.

Events policy

The events policy came into effect in May 2013.

Read more about the Events policy.

Gambling venue policies

We have developed region-wide policies for the management of pokie machines and racing (TAB) across Auckland.

Read more about the Gambling venue policies.

Grants Policy

The Grants Policy guides the allocation of funding to organisations delivering projects, activities and services of benefit to Aucklanders. The policy came into effect on 1 July 2015.

Read more about the Grants policy and available grants.

Local Approved Products Policy

This policy controls where psychoactive substances - otherwise known as legal highs - can be sold in Auckland.

Read more about the Local Approved Products Policy.

Local Board Funding Policy

The Local Board Funding Policy was adopted by the Governing Body in August 2014.

Read more about the Local Board Funding Policy.

Managing the commercial sex industry

We have developed a consistent, region-wide approach for managing Auckland's commercial sex industry.

Read more about Managing the commercial sex industry.

Parks and open spaces acquisition policy

This policy provides the framework for acquiring land for parks and open spaces.

Read more about the Parks and open spaces acquisition policy.

Privacy policy

Our customer privacy policy sets out how we collect, use, protect and share your personal information.

Read more about our Privacy policy.

Procurement strategy and policy

We have developed a new procurement strategy and policy to align with the driving principles of the Auckland Plan.

Read more about the Procurement strategy and policy.

Significance and Engagement policy

This policy aims to enable Auckland Council and its communities to identify the degree of significance attached to particular issues, proposals, assets, decisions, and activities.

Read more about the Significance and Engagement policy.

Smokefree policy

This policy will incrementally make public outdoor spaces smoke-free across Auckland.

Read more about the Smokefree policy.


Treasury Management policy

This policy covers liability management which includes how the council manages its borrowings, interest rate exposure, liquidity, credit exposure and debt repayment. It also sets out policies on investments and risk management.

Read more about the Treasury Management policy (PDF 88KB).

Weed management policy

The weed management policy to guide the control of weeds and vegetation in parks and open spaces.

Read more about the Weed Management policy.

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