Public Art Policy

The aim of our Public Art Policy is to ensure that Aucklanders and visitors can experience thought-provoking, culturally vibrant, enjoyable, challenging and inspiring public art and public space that is distinctive and unique to the region.

Auckland’s public art will celebrate the region’s creativity, reflect and express the diversity and character of Auckland, generate pride and belonging, and transform Auckland’s public places.

Our long-term commitment to develop and support public art activities and care for Auckland’s collection of public art assets is reflected in this policy. It clearly articulates:

  • why and how the council is involved in public art
  • what we want to achieve by supporting and investing in public art
  • the principles that guide our actions
  • the various roles we play
  • the context within which decision-making for public art takes place.

Supporting public art activity, in all its forms, contributes to our vision of Auckland being the world’s most liveable city.

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