Local Approved Products Policy

Auckland's LAPP

Auckland Council's Local Approved Products Policy (LAPP) sets out where psychoactive substances (also known as Legal Highs) can be sold in Auckland.

We aim to grow Auckland into the world’s most liveable city by promoting a safe and healthy Auckland.

The LAPP contributes to this by reducing:

  • the availability of the psychoactive substances
  • the risk of harm that vulnerable people might experience from legal psychoactive substances.

In 2013, the government introduced the Psychoactive Substances Act. This sets a framework for the manufacture and sale of licensed substances and became the first country in the world to do so. The act gave local authorities the power to develop a LAPP to decide where these substances can be sold.

The psychoactive substances regulatory authority is the government body responsible for the issue of licenses for retail outlets, not us. However, decisions to grant licenses or not will be based on our LAPP and other criteria detailed in part 2 of the Act.

Local restrictions

Auckland general - except for the city centre

For all areas of Auckland, apart from the city centre, we will not grant licences to retail legal psychoactive substances in:

  • areas of high deprivation
  • neighbourhood centres
  • within 500m of a school teaching students year seven and above
  • within 200m of a school teaching students between years one and six inclusive
  • within 500m of a mental health or addiction treatment centre
  • within 500m of an existing psychoactive substances retail licence
  • within 100m of a marae.

For all areas of Auckland, apart from the city centre, we will not grant licences to retail legal psychoactive substances in the following special restricted areas:

  • Hunters corner commercial area – Papatoetoe
  • Manurewa commercial Area – Manurewa
  • Mt Wellington Highway / Waipuna road commercial area – Mt Wellington
  • Papakura Caravan Park commercial area - Papakura
  • Don Buck road / Triangle road commercial area - Massey
  • Manukau Station road commercial area – Manukau
  • Te Hana commercial area – Rodney

For the city centre, it is proposed that we will not grant licences to retail legal psychoactive substances in:
a) areas of residential deprivation
b) within 200m of an existing psychoactive substances retail licence.

See the policy for more information:

Local Approved Product Policy 2015 (PDF 1.4MB)



View the restriction areas:

Final LAPP - by local board area(PDF 9.7MB)
Final LAPP - City centre (PDF 304KB)
Final LAPP - Central (PDF 2.4MB)
Final LAPP - North (PDF 405KB)
Final LAPP - East (PDF 2.7MB)
Final LAPP - South (PDF 908KB)
Final LAPP - South West (PDF 3.8MB)
Final LAPP - West (PDF 804KB)

You can also find the maps using GeoMaps (GIS viewer).

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