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Auckland Growing Greener

The Auckland Plan vision, to be the world’s most liveable city, describes a green Auckland that is beautiful and loved by its people, is prosperous and full of opportunity and recognises the mana of Tāmaki Makaurau iwi and hapū.

Auckland Growing Greener is an on-going initiative to help realise this Auckland Plan vision.

Auckland Growing Greener Summary (PDF 1.5MB)
Auckland Growing Greener (PDF 10.2MB)


A framework to drive green growth

Auckland is growing at an unprecedented rate and the collective impact of human activity is damaging the environment we love and need. Auckland Growing Greener takes its place as a guide for council, developers, planners, businesses and indeed all Aucklanders to explore with intent and purpose how, as we grow, we grow greener.

Auckland Growing Greener describes:

  • current trends as highlighted in The Health of Auckland’s Natural Environment in 2015 – Te Oranga o te Taiao o Tāmaki Makaurau report
  • the challenges and opportunities for our region to grow in a way that promotes and supports our natural assets
  • the role of council and council-controlled organisations (CCOs) to deliver on four priority areas – restoring nature, urban transformation, zero waste and healthy waters
  • future commitments for council and council controlled organisations (CCOs) to act as a catalyst for the region to ‘grow greener’, focused on five key operating principles: walking the talk, empowering communities, partnering with mana whenua, embracing innovation and delivering infrastructure for multiple outcomes.

Focusing on four priority areas

Aucklanders will see visible, transformative environmental change in the coming years across four priority areas. These are areas where the council has a particular role to play as regulator, provider, facilitator and partner. The priority areas reflect council’s long-term plan commitments and are the areas which will have the greatest impact on environmental outcomes:

  • urban transformation - transforming how we build, live and travel while preserving and valuing the region’s natural assets
  • zero waste - reducing the amount of waste produced and finding innovative ways to recycle and repurpose
  • restoring nature - restoring and enhancing natural ecosystems to ensure their resilience and productivity
  • healthy waters - improving water quality and managing water quantity to ensure the protection of habitats, species and human activities that rely on clean, healthy water.

Future directions

Auckland Growing Greener is an exciting journey, and our success rests on the work of many.

The council will continue to identify where it can make environmental advances and explore better ways to practise, process, measure and report. Across all sectors, opportunities for improvement can be found in the many small choices we make every day – choices that are made easier if the right infrastructure and systems are there to support them.

Paying attention to where and how we develop, the kind of infrastructure we invest in, and putting the benefits of our natural assets at the forefront of design will make it possible for those everyday choices to add up to a more sustainable and resilient future for Auckland.

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