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Regional Parks Management Plan 2010

The Regional Parks Management Plan (RPMP) 2010 sets the vision and direction for managing the regional parks network over the next 10 years.

The regional parks are owned and managed by Auckland Council on behalf of Aucklanders.

The plan was developed in consultation with members of the public and partner organisations.


Regional Parks Management Plan 2010 (PDF 3.4MB)
Regional Parks Management Plan 2010 Map Index (PDF 435KB)
Regional Parks Management Plan 2010 Map Legend (PDF 167KB)


Map 1 - Ambury Regional Park (PDF 395KB)
Maps 2.1-2.2 - Atiu Creek Regional Park (PDF 1.3MB)
Map 3 - Awhitu Regional Park (PDF 623KB)
Map 4 - Duder Regional Park (PDF 391KB)
Maps 5.1-5.9 - Hunua Ranges Regional Park (PDF 8.4MB)
Maps 6.1-6.2 - Long Bay Regional Park (PDF 763KB)
Maps 7.1-7.2 - Mahurangi Regional Park (PDF 839KB)
Maps 8.1-8.2 - Muriwai Regional Park (PDF 1.1MB)
Map 9 - Omana Regional Park (PDF 353KB)
Map 10 - Pakiri Regional Parkland (PDF 629KB)
Map 11 - Scandrett Regional Park (PDF 325KB)
Map 12 - Shakespear Regional Park (PDF 753KB)
Map 13 - Tapapakanga Regional Park (PDF 717KB)
Maps 14.1-14.2 - Tawharanui Regional Park (PDF 771KB)
Map 15.1 - Tawhitokino Regional Park (PDF 452KB)
Map 15.2 - Orere Point Regional Park (PDF 360KB)
Map 16 - Te Arai Regional Park (PDF 588KB)
Map 17 - Te Rau Puriri Regional Park (PDF 1MB)
Map 18 - Waharau Regional Park (PDF 680KB)
Maps 19.1-19.20 Waitakere Ranges Regional Park (PDF 14.3MB)
Map 20 - Waitawa Regional Parkland (PDF 913KB)
Map 21 - Wenderholm Regional Park (PDF 575KB)
Map 22 - Whakanewha Regional Park (PDF 790KB)
Map 23 - Whakatiwai Regional Park (PDF 493KB)

Additions and amendments

Added on 14 February 2017

Chapter 24 - Te Muri Regional Park (PDF 140KB)
Map 24 - Te Muri Regional Park (PDF 414KB)

Repealed and replaced on 14 February 2017

Chapter 17.7 - Mahurangi Regional Park (PDF 185KB)
Map 7.2 Mahurangi Regional Park (PDF 414KB) 

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