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Annual Budget 2017/2018

Annual budget adopted for coming year

This year’s Annual Budget process has now finished and the budget has been adopted.

The council made decisions on the budget at the beginning of June, before adopting the final budget at the end of June.

It followed a record amount of feedback (8058 submissions, a 143 per cent increase year-on-year) during the public consultation which ran between February and March.

We want to thank you for taking part in the process; your decisions helped the council's elected members make their decisions on this budget.

The key regional decisions made were:

An average general rates increase of 2.5 per cent for all ratepayers

This is the amount that rates will increase in the 2017/2018 financial year, and will apply to all properties. Consultation feedback showed that the majority of submissions to this question (57 per cent) were in favour of this level of increase.

Pausing the Long-Term rating differential policy for one year

Pausing this policy means that businesses will also receive a 2.5 per cent rates rise in the 2017/2018 financial year. The majority of feedback in the consultation (66 per cent) supported this proposal.

A targeted rate on accommodation providers

The council agreed to implement a targeted rate on accommodation providers to pay for 50 per cent ($13.45 million) of Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development’s (ATEED) budget for marketing visitor attractions and major events.

In the consultation, 66 per cent of submissions supported the original proposal, which would have generated 100 per cent of the ATEED budget.
While this targeted rate will mean some commercial accommodation providers will experience large rates increases, we expect that they will have options for managing the increased cost, including passing it on to their customers (who are mainly visitors to Auckland). 

Individual providers will need to make their own independent decisions about how to manage the increased cost.  We will consider granting rates remissions to providers that face restrictions on passing on the costs. At an estimated $2 to $6 per night for hotels and $1 and $3 per night for motels (if passed on) we do not believe that this targeted rate will make a big difference to Auckland’s visitor numbers.

Using the new targeted rate to fund these costs will free up the general rates funding that previously paid for this expenditure.  This freed up general rates will allow us to invest an additional $100 million over the next six years in transport infrastructure, specifically mass transit to the airport and other airport access improvements.

Changing our funding policy to allow for targeted rates to fund infrastructure for new developments

This change to the funding policy now means that the council will be able to implement targeted rates on large-scale developments. None have been agreed yet, as any targeted rate would be subject to a consultation process before it is implemented. 66 per cent of submissions supported this proposal. 

Implementing a living wage for council staff

This proposal was supported by 71 per cent of submissions, and means that Auckland Council will now phase in a living wage of $20.20 per hour for council and Council Controlled Organisations staff over the council term (ending October 2019). It will be funded through efficiency savings and existing budgets.

Funding to coordinate action on homelessness         

We committed $500,000 to play a coordinating role in bringing together central government with non-governmental organisations, private businesses supporting the homeless, and groups representing the homeless to help address the homelessness issue in Auckland.  Although this was not a specific consultation question, around 300 feedback points were received with majority supporting council’s involvement.

We also consulted on a number of other topics, including:

  • Local board priorities – see all 21 Local Board Agreements in Volume 2 below
  • Tūpuna Maunga Draft Operational Plan 2017/2018
  • Mass Transit – see more on Volume 1, page 16
  • Waste Management and charges – see more in Volume 1, page 20
  • Changes to BIDs – see more in Volume 1, page 22
  • SkyPath project – In July 2016, Governing Body has approved $7.2 million of additional capital expenditure in 2017/2018 for ancillary projects at the landings at each end of the SkyPath.
  • Rural fire service – The central government amalgamated rural fire services across the country under one national body, Fire and Emergency New Zealand. Effective from 1 July 2017, the council will no longer deliver rural fire services.

Meeting minutes:

Finance and Performance committee minutes 1 June 2017

Governing Body minutes 1 June 2017

Minutes of the Governing Body meeting from 29 June 2017 will be available soon.


Read the Annual Budget 2017/2018

Volume 1: Our plan for 2017/2018 (PDF 2.59MB)

Volume 1: Our plan for 2017/2018 (HTML)

Volume 2: Local Board information and agreements 2017/2018

Volume 2: Local Board information and agreements 2017/2018 (HTML)


Annual Budget 2017/2018 Consultation

Consultation with Aucklanders closed on Monday 27 March 2017 

View the overview report of the communication and consultation campaign: 

Annual Budget 2017/2018 Communication and Consultation - Overview (PDF 141KB)

View the consultation summary of feedback report:

Annual Budget 2017/2018 Consultation – Summary of feedback (PDF 1.24MB)

You can download an index showing the name of each submitter:

Draft Annual Plan 2017/2018 - Master index (PDF 411KB)

To view the full detail of a submission, see the Annual Plan 2017/2018 submissions.

If you have any questions relating to the Annual Budget 2017/2018 please email:

Read the Annual Budget 2016/2017 

Volume 1 - Our plan for 2016/2017 (PDF 5MB)

Volume 1 - Our plan for 2016/2017 (HTML)


Volume 2 - Local Board information & agreements 2016/2017 (PDF 5MB) 

Volume 2 - Local Board information and agreements 2016/2017 (HTML)


If you would like to request the consultation feedback report and/or submissions made, please email:

Hard copies will be available for viewing at libraries, local board offices and service centres by the end of July.

If you would like a hard copy or Microsoft Word version of the plan email the Annual Plan Team or contact us.

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