Area plans

Area plans

Auckland Council is embarking on a programme to develop 21 area plans. These area plans are based on the same geographic areas as local boards.

Area plans will:

  • help implement the directions and outcomes of the Auckland Plan at a local level
  • reflect local aspirations such as those included in local board plans (where these are consistent with the direction set by the Auckland Plan)
  • provide long-term strategic direction to progressively inform land use policy of the Unitary Plan into the future
  • inform future versions of the Long-term Plan (which determines council spending over a 10-year period). This will enable the council to prioritise and budget for projects set to achieve area plan goals.

Area plans will analyse local issues, challenges and opportunities. Guided by the Auckland Plan and local aspirations, area plans will provide a long-term (30 year) vision for:

  • implementing the Auckland Plan at a local level
  • identifying the timing of development projects and infrastructure needs
  • how we use land to live, work and play
  • the size, role and function of town centres
  • key transport routes and improvements
  • recognition of heritage, landscape, landmarks and natural features
  • social and cultural facilities
  • public open space
  • local business and employment opportunities.

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