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City Centre Retail Action Plan

City Centre Retail Action Plan

The City Centre Retail Action Plan is a joint initiative between Heart of the City (HOTCity) and Auckland Council which aims to further improve the overall retail environment and experience and ensure that Auckland’s retail offering stands alongside the world’s best.

It is vital that there is an attractive and successful retail environment in the city centre that will enhance the local economy and the overall experience for its visitors. Retail in the city centre is currently doing well - attracting increased foot traffic, low vacancy rates and a growing and diverse mix of retail and hospitality. With continued attention on improving the city centre and focused investment, the long-term growth prospects look positive.

This five year action plan aims to support the development of the retail environment by focusing on actions in a number of key areas. These include the overall retail mix, attractions and events, marketing and promotion, the regulatory framework, access, the physical environment and how the city centre is managed.

The development of a retail plan is a key action that was outlined in the City Centre Masterplan, and has been developed with input from key retailers, property owners, real estate firms and relevant council controlled organisations. Continued collaboration with these key stakeholders is critical to the success of city centre retail and the coordination of efforts to make the city centre truly world-class.

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City Centre Retail Action Plan (6.11mb)

City Centre Retail Action Plan text only version (440kb)

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