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Find information and documents relating to notified resource consent applications that are open for submissions.

Anyone can make a submission to a publicly notified application. Only those who have been served notice can make a submission on a limited notified application. For more information see Notifications and hearing.

When making a submission, please ensure you serve your submission on both the council and the applicant. For more information see making a submission.

To view applications which are no longer open for submissions, see 'recently notified applications'.

All applications below are publicly notified unless otherwise stated.

355 Dairy Flat Highway, Lucas Heights

Submissions close: 25 October 2017

To authorise a four lot fee-simple subdivision.

Application numbers: SUB60068993
Applicant: Trevor Ernest Hobson
Address For Service:
Post: C/- M Five Projects
58 Ian Sage Avenue
Long Bay
Auckland 0630
Attn:  Cam McGibbon

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2 Oxford Terrace, Devonport

Submissions close: 20 October 2017

Consent is sought to remove two Eucalyptus trees from the road reserve.

Application numbers: TRE60070744
Applicant: John Gibb
Address For Service:
Post: PO Box 32271
Auckland 0744

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197-211 Green Lane West, Epsom

Submissions close: 16 October 2017

The removal of two notable Magnolia trees located close to Manukau Road as part of the enhancement works to Cornwall Park. The trees are located in the crescent shaped park unofficially named ‘Campbell Crescent’ bounded by Manukau Road, Campbell Crescent and Market Road.

Application numbers: LUC60306655
Applicant: Cornwall Park Trust Board
Address For Service:
Post: Tattico Ltd
PO Box 91562
Victoria Street
Auckland 1142

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488 Rahuikiri Road & 1294 Pakiri Road, Pakiri

Submissions close: 12 October 2017

Subdivision of CFR NA62C/862 (1294 Pakiri Road) and CFR 57477 & 57478 (488 Rahuikiri Road) is proposed to create Lots 1, 2 and 3 shown on SP01 Rev G and Lots 1 and 2 shown on CN01 Rev B. The subdivision is based on one insitu title and transfer of one title for the protection of 3.01Ha of wetland and buffer as well as riparian planting of 0.74Ha.

Application numbers: R65926 (BUN20440131, SUB60036061 & LUC60008445)
Applicant: Sharley Ann Haddon
Address For Service:

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33 Glenfell Place, Epsom 

Submissions close: 12 October 2017

To construct a building comprising two dwellings, including excavations and limited removal of vegetation in a Significant Ecological Area (SEA) to allow for driveways and building platforms, with subsequent subdivision around the development resulting in 2 lots below the minimum site area requirement for the special character overlay. A covenant is proposed to be placed on the title of the new lots protecting the vegetation within the SEA.

Application numbers: BUN60078992 (LUC60116106 &  SUB60221447)
Applicant: Lily Investment Company Ltd
Address For Service:
Post: Babbage Consultants Ltd
PO Box 2027
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140

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Limited notification - 94 Mellons Bay Road, Mellons Bay 

Submissions close: 10 October 2017

To create a vacant rear lot of 506m2 in area and a balance lot of 506m2 around the existing dwelling on the site, and construct a new two storey dwelling with a double garage on the new vacant lot created, which would involve the creation of 143m2 of new Impermeable surface within the Stormwater Management Area Flow 2.

Application numbers: BUN60302707
Applicant: Yingzi Li
Address For Service:
Post: Rakad Jafar
Mt Hobson Group
Level 1, 24 York Street
Parnell 1151

Make a submission - Only those persons who have been served notice by Council regarding this application are able to make submissions.

Limited notification - 10 Monk Road, Waioneke

Submissions close: 09 October 2017

Consent for two additional chicken sheds (six in total) and associated works involving earthworks, an additional 36 truck movements over a 7 week cycle period (111 in total), a new air discharge consent for the six sheds, the creation of a new wetland system for stormwater discharge, and a stormwater discharge from all the sheds’ roofs.
Consent is also sought for an 85m² workers accommodation building.

Application numbers: BUN20457017/LAN-68339, DIS60047597 (Air discharge), DIS60047619 (Stormwater discharge), LUC60010620 (Land use).
Applicant: Jordan Enterprises Limited
Address For Service:

Make a submission - Only those persons who have been served notice by Council regarding this application are able to make submissions.

Limited notification - 267 Pebble Brook Road, Wainui 

Submissions close: 09 October 2017

Limited Notification of Application for resource consent under s95B of the RMA 1991 for limited notification to create two rural residential sites and earthworks of approximately 400m3 over an area of 1,050m2 based on the protection of revegetation planting (6.3ha), riparian planting (0.13ha) and wetland (1.33ha).

Application numbers: BUN60067834, SUB60067682 & LUC60067799
Applicant: Peter and Claire Chapman
Address For Service:

Make a submission - Only those persons who have been served notice by Council regarding this application are able to make submissions.

12-26D Barrack Road, Mt Wellington

Submissions close: 09 October 2017

Resource consent is sought to construct a new 7 level residential apartment building containing 138 apartments, basement parking and all associated works.

Application numbers: LUC60304926
Applicant: Austino Parkside Limited
Address For Service:
Post: DCS Limited
PO Box 91247
Auckland 1142
Attention: Colin Hopkins

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20 Alfriston Road & 37 Halver Road, Manurewa East

Submissions close: 05 October 2017

The activity to which the application relates is a joint land use and subdivision consent to demolish the existing structures, adjust the boundary between 37 Halver Road and 20 Alfriston Road, and construct 24 residential apartment units at 37 Halver Road, Manurewa, and develop an integrated residential development for retirement accommodation comprising 47 units at 20 Alfriston Road, Manurewa.

Consent is also required for height in relation to boundary infringements for two of the three buildings, the volume and area of earthworks proposed, establishing a new vehicle crossing on an Arterial Road (Alfriston Road) and for remediation of contaminated soil. The application includes an assessment of environmental effects and overall is a Restricted Discretionary activity.

Application numbers: BUN60304939, LUC60305165, SUB60305166, DIS60305662.
Applicant: Hirstich Limited
Address For Service:
Post: Hirstich Ltd
C/- Bentley & Co
PO Box 4492
Shortland Street 1140
Attention: Hannah Edwards

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488 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa

Submissions close: 03 October 2017

The applicant seeks resource consent for a new retirement apartment complex, and associated buildings and enabling works.

The complex will consist of; three separate, three, four and five storey apartment buildings (plus one level of basement parking), containing 120 apartments and shared amenity spaces (including an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, outdoor bowls area, recreation area, theatre and rooftop garden). The complex is accompanied by common ancillary facilities (including a lounge/dining area, library and chapel), associated landscaping, access and infrastructure, and 128 car parking spaces (117 basement car parks and 11 above ground spaces).

Resource consent is also sought for associated enabling works, including; tree works (including the removal of exotic trees and vegetation as well as the trimming of scheduled Pohutukawas and works in the root zone of protected trees), earthworks, provision of necessary infrastructure, access and pedestrian routes, landscaped open spaces and enhancement works on the adjacent esplanade reserve/riparian margin (including tree/vegetation works and removal as well as planting). It is also proposed to relocate the existing ‘Rose Cottage’ (Heritage Building) to be used as a reading/library room.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects and overall is a restricted discretionary activity.

Application numbers: LUC60070192
Applicant: Coastal Properties Orewa Ltd
Address For Service:
Post: Paua Planning Ltd
178 Bawden Road
RD 2
Auckland 0792
Attention:  Kate Madsen

Application Form (PDF 453KB)
Assessment of Environmental Effects (PDF 1.2MB)
Location Plan (PDF 4.2MB)
Pre-application Minutes - June 2016 (PDF 158KB)
Updated pre-application minutes - Dec 2016 (PDF 326KB)
Auckland Unitary Plan Rules Table (PDF 1MB)
Transport Assessment Report (PDF 923KB)
Geotechnical Assessment Report (PDF 1.9MB)
Engineering and Earthworks Report (PDF 3.9MB)
Stormwater Flood Report (PDF 1.8MB)
Wastewater Capacity Report (PDF 685KB)
Groundwater Dewatering Report (PDF 148KB)
Preliminary Fire Report (PDF 1.1MB)
Network Utility Operator Approval (PDF 83KB)
Watercare Services Supply Assessment Form (PDF 470KB)
Vegetation Height and Mean High Water Spring Survey (PDF 9MB)
Arboricultural Report (PDF 3MB)
Ecological Impact assessment (PDF 979KB)
Urban Design Assessment Report (PDF 4MB)
Visual Simulations (PDF 10MB)
Archaeological Report (PDF 354KB)
Heritage Impact Assessment Report (PDF 8MB)
Cultural Impact Assessment Report (PDF 7MB)
Iwi Consultation (PDF 2.1MB)
Iwi Consultation Table (PDF 143KB)
Plans - Part 1 (PDF 9MB)
Plans - Part 2 (PDF 9MB)
Plans - Part 3 (PDF 9MB)
Plans - Part 4 (PDF 9MB)
Plans - Part 5 (PDF 10MB) 
Plans - Part 6 (PDF 9MB)
Plans - Part 7 (PDF 12MB)
Plans - Part 8 (PDF 10MB)
Plans - Part 9 (PDF 12MB)
Plans - Part 10 35 - (PDF 12MB)
Landscape Plans 35.1(PDF 3.5MB)
Engineering Design Plans (PDF 3.1MB)
Written Approvals Summary Table (PDF400KB)
Visual Impact Assessment (PDF 4.4MB
Section 92 - Request for Information (PDF106KB)
Section 92 Response table (PDF 529KB)
Section 92 Response - Occupational Structure Email (PDF50KB)
Section 92 Response - urban Design (PDF4.4MB)
Section 92 Response - Arborist (PDF 1.2MB)
Section 92 Response - Earthworks and Engineering (PDF 1MB)
Section 92 Response - Lighting Statement (PDF 229KB)

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1 Greys Avenue, Auckland Central

Submissions close: 25 September 2017

Additions/alterations to the Civic Administration Building that will intrude into a Volcanic Viewshaft for Mout Eden, including extending the existing lift shaft overrun, a rebuild and extension of the existing rooftop machine room, and installation of mesh to a mechanical riser on the southern facade. Overall this is a non-complying activity.

Application numbers: LUC60304100
Applicant: Civic Lane Limited
Address For Service:
Post: Mt Hobson Group
PO Box 37964
Attention:  Mark Benjamin

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Limited Notification - 12 Nick Johnstone drive, Waiheke Island

Submissions close: 15 September 2017

Retrospective resource consent to legally establish a dining area for restaurant and function use referred to by the applicant as the Verandah.

Application number: LUC60127798
Applicant: Rueben Enterprises Ltd
Address For Service
12 Nick Johnstone Drive
Waiheke Island
Auckland 1971
Attn: Carol Schofield

Make a submission - Only those persons who have been served notice by Council regarding this application are able to make submissions.

Dominion and Valley Roads, Eden Valley

Submissions close: 15 September 2017

To remove two 'character supporting' buildings and construct four buildings occupied by 102 residential apartments and nine retail units. The sites are located in the Business - Local Centre zone and Terrace Housing and Apartment Building zones.  land use consent and a stormwater discharge permit is required and assessed together as a restricted discretionary activity under the Auckland Unitary Plan (OIP)

Application numbers: BUN60303720, LUC60303721 and DIS60303722
Applicant: Panuka Development Auckland
Address For Service: C/- Tattico
Post: Tattico
PO Box 91562
Victoria Street
Auckland 1142
Attention:  Vijay Lala

Application Form Part 1 (PDF 5.6MB)
Application Form Part 2 (PDF 5.3MB)
Survey Plan 2A (PDF 574KB)
Survey Plan 2B (PDF 159KB)
Plans Part 1 (PDF 3MB)
Plans Part 2 (PDF 9.8MB)
Certificate of Title Documents (PDF 774KB)
Design Report Part 1A (PDF 109KB)
Design Report Part 1B (PDF 810KB)
Design Report Part 1C (PDF 574KB)
Design Report Part 1D (PDF 320KB)
Design Report Part 1E (PDF 491KB)
Design Report Part 1F (PDF 1MB)
Design Report Part 2 (PDF 1.5MB)
Design Report Part 3 (PDF 1.5MB)
Design Report Part 4 (PDF 1.6MB)
Design Report Part 5 (PDF 825KB)
Design Report Part 6 (PDF 1.9MB)
Design Report Part 7 (PDF 502KB)
Acoustics Report (PDF 1.5MB)
Civil Infrastructure report Part 1 (PDF 7.5MB)
Civil Infrastructure report Part 2 (PDF 2.9MB)
Civil Infrastructure report Part 3 (PDF 3.2MB)
Civil Infrastructure report Part 4 (PDF 5.9MB)
Civil Infrastructure report Part 5 (PDF 825KB)
Assessment of Environmental Effects (PDF 2.6MB)
Character Assessment Report (PDF 4.1MB)
Sun Study (PDF 9.9MB)
Archaeological Assessment Report (PDF 9MB)
Arboricultural Assessment Report Part 1 (PDF 739KB)
Arboricultural Assessment Report Part 2 (PDF 739KB)
Transportation Report (PDF 8.3MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 1 (PDF 86KB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims 31.2 - Part 1.1 (PDF 3.6MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Report (PDF 347KB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 2 (PDF 6.3MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 3 (PDF 6MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 4 (PDF 5MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 5 (PDF 5MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 6 (PDF 5MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 7 (PDF 4.8MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 8 (PDF 6.8MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 9 (PDF 7.4MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 10 (PDF 5.4MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 11 (PDF 5MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 12 (PDF 6.2MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 13 (PDF 7.2MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 14 (PDF 4.2MB)
Urban Design/Landscape/Visual Assessment Sims - Part 15 (PDF 611KB)
Geotechnical Report (PDF 3.2MB)
Site Investigation Report (PDF 3.4MB)
Preliminary Site Investigation Report (PDF 6MB)
Site Management Plan (PDF 3MB)

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