Resource consents

Types of resource consent

You can find application forms for all of these consents using our form search.

Land use

A land use consent is required for an activity that will affect the environment. This includes:

  • building and alterations
  • earthworks
  • retail
  • horticulture
  • vegetation removal.

The consent is attached to the land and transfers to any new owner.

Types of land use consents include:

Residential - infringing development controls

Tree only consent - where payment is required

Tree only consent, historic heritage or scheduled items - where payment is not required



An engineering resource consent is for work involving public drainage, public water and roading and common access way.

Types of engineering consents include:



A regional resource consent is required for an activity that will affect the coast, air, water or land. For example the construction of jetties, and the discharge of wastewater or discharge of contaminants to land or air. These are generally granted to a person, and do not automatically transfer to a new owner.

Types of regional consents include:

Contaminated sites, landfills, discharge - air other than odour

Discharge contaminants to air - main discharge odour



A subdivision resource consent is required for dividing a parcel of land or a building into one or more further parcels, or changing an existing boundary location.

Types of subdivision consents include:

Combined land-use subdivision for 1-10 lots

Combined land-use subdivision for 11 or more lots


Making a change to a resource consent or application

You'll need to apply to review, transfer, surrender or extend the timeframe on any granted resource consent or resource consent application.

Types of these include:



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