Housing supply and special housing areas

Auckland Housing Accord

As part of the plan to help combat Auckland’s housing crisis, the Auckland Housing Accord was agreed to accelerate delivery of housing across the city.

Auckland Council approved the Auckland Housing Accord in September 2013. A joint central government and Auckland Council working group was set up to advance the implementation of the accord.

The accord is supported by the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas (HASHA) legislation.

In December 2013, Christchurch City, Wellington City, Hutt City, Upper Hutt City, Porirua, Kapiti, Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty were added to this legislation.

View the Auckland Housing Accord (PDF 326KB).

The Housing Legislation Amendment Act

The Housing Legislation Amendment Act was passed by Parliament in September 2016.
This act enables the processing of current applications for Plan Variations and Qualifying Developments in existing Special Housing Areas. This affects a small number of SHAs in Auckland.
In order to continue this processing, Auckland Council needs to be an accord territorial authority under Section 10(5) of the HASHSA legislation, which means a Housing Accord needs to be in force.

The term of the Accord has been extended until 22 May 2017. This is consistent with the provisions of the Accord, which allow it to be amended by the Housing Accord Steering Group, comprising the Minister and Associate Minister of Housing and the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Auckland.

View the September 2016 Amendment to Clause 38 (PDF 459KB).

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Watch a piece on the Auckland Housing Accord from TV3's The Nation:

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