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Enabling Auckland's growth

Auckland Council is enabling growth through a strategic partnership programme between public and private developers, Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs), the council and the Crown.

Through its Development Programme Office (DPO), Auckland Council is responsible and accountable for coordinating and delivering major developments and programmes, as well as investing directly in complex and major development.

This coordinated approach reduces the complexity of the council's functions for developers. It allows developers to undertake development in a more efficient and cost-effective way, as well as plan better for the future.

The approach is critical to enabling Auckland's growth, through quality development in its centres and across the region.

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Development Programmes

The DPO's Development Programmes team is the single point of contact for developers, coordinating Auckland Council, CCOs and developers to enable the delivery of major housing and other development projects. In particular, Development Programmes works on projects that have scale and complexity and need to plan, integrate and deliver infrastructure to enable development.

The team is also the single point of contact for Crown agencies such as Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), Treasury and Housing New Zealand, particularly for undertaking due diligence for potential development of Crown land holdings.

In addition, Development Programmes leads the coordination and enabling of improvements to the City Centre and in particular, the management of the spend of the City Centre Targeted Rate.

Development Programmes provides developers with end-to-end service that resolves council issues affecting delivery of developments as well as identifying any obligations on the developer.

We work across five key areas:

We are responsible for:

  • working with people, communities and government to identify and deliver housing, commercial development and related infrastructure
  • supporting others on council’s big picture plans, policies and investments
  • aligning and coordinating Auckland’s development with infrastructure, and guiding customers through the development process
  • leading and delivering the Māori Housing Programme
  • coordinating all works in the City Centre.

We do not:

  • process resource or building consents

Infrastructure Programme

The drive to enable quality development in Auckland requires better information at all scales and across all sectors of development.

The DPO's Infrastructure Programme team aims to link infrastructure investment with drivers of demand, such as population change, growth and development.

We use GIS and other digital tools to analyse infrastructure capacity and readiness, and provide insights and recommendations to infrastructure investors, developers and the council.

The data can be viewed spatially using customised planning tools.

By accessing this data, developers can:

  • plan around other development and events
  • mitigate risks
  • reduce mis-investments
  • demonstrate a better return on investment

This helps those groups make smarter decisions regarding the delivery of development and infrastructure outcomes for Auckland.

The infrastructure programme demonstrates the council's commitment to respond to the growth of our region.

Infrastructure Funding Agreements

The DPO's Infrastructure Funding Agreements team can negotiate funding agreements between private developers and the council family, to ensure infrastructure work is undertaken in a timely and cost-effective way.

These agreements are commitments from all involved to provide standardised commercial contracts for funding infrastructure.

This fee-based service helps developers agree with Auckland Council or CCOs on how infrastructure projects will be delivered and paid for.

We want to ensure ratepayer and council infrastructure developments provide value for money and reduce the burden on general rates.

We can help with:

  • establishing agreements around timing and funding
  • negotiating how costs will be shared 
  • resolving infrastructure issues
  • facilitating multi-party agreements between third parties

We can't help with:

  • project or funding decisions for developers
  • coordinating funding decisions with Council and advising the developer
  • statutory applications.

To apply for funding, download and fill in the funding application for public infrastructure works (PDF 225KB) and send it to:

Fiona Wright
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

Further enquiries

For assistance, phone DPO general manager John Dunshea on 09 890 8213.

For more on our work, see:

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Development Programmes (PDF 138KB)
Infrastructure Programmes (PDF 152KB)
Infrastructure Funding Agreements (PDF 130KB)
Māori Housing (PDF 179KB)

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