Housing supply and special housing areas

Housing Action Plan

The availability of secure, healthy and affordable homes is fundamental to the wellbeing of the community and economy.

The Auckland Plan sets a strategic direction to house all Aucklanders in secure, healthy homes they can afford. The plan also identifies four priorities to achieve this direction:

  • increase housing supply to meet demand
  • increase housing choice to meet diverse preferences and needs
  • improve the quality of existing and new housing
  • improve housing affordability and the supply of affordable housing.

We are working across a number of areas to address these priorities and to improve housing delivery across Auckland.

The purpose of the Housing Action Plan is to have a multi-sector commitment to improve the delivery of quality of affordable housing. The Housing Action Plan is being undertaken in two stages given the scale and complexity of housing issues.

We have started to implement the 32 actions set out in the Housing Action Plan. The plan identifies priority areas to help the council and the housing sector respond to Auckland’s housing needs.

Read more in the document below, or phone us on 09 373 6292.

Housing Action Plan: Stage 1 (PDF 580KB)

Auckland housing bonds

Auckland housing bonds will enable loans to be provided to community housing providers at lower interest rates and on more favourable terms. This will further enable community housing providers to provide housing for Aucklanders in secure, healthy homes they can afford.

Some active housing providers in Auckland include:

For more information on the community housing providers active in Auckland, please see the Auckland Community Housing Provider's Network website.

To find out more about Auckland housing bonds and council's role in it, please read our FAQ document:

Auckland housing bonds FAQ (PDF 228KB)

Report on secure tenures for renters

Auckland Council is committed to ensuring that renters have access to reliable accommodation in quality, affordable homes.

Priority area 11 of the Housing Action Plan calls for tenants in rental accommodation to be secure from arbitrary evictions.

In 2015 Auckland Council undertook research with Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and other partners, asking tenants and landlords about tenancy issues.

You can read the findings in this report:

Exploring security of tenure through co-design (PDF 5.7MB)

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