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Business Improvement District Programme

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To become the world's most liveable city, we need strong local economies with vibrant town centres and business areas.

Through our Business Improvement District (BID) Programme, we collaborate with Auckland's business sector to improve our local business environment and boost the regional economy.

There are currently 48 BIDs across Auckland. These represent over 25,000 businesses with a combined capital value estimated at $24 billion.

What BIDs do

Business associations are responsible for successfully leading their local BID programme activities.

In the spirit of keeping it local, business associations partner with the local boards to operate BID programmes in their communities. Both share an interest in the local area. They also share goals that include economic prosperity, community identity and pride.

BID programmes deliver benefits through local business investment, promotion and joint initiatives with the council and government agencies.

Each BID programme has strategic and business goals that it seeks to achieve through:

  • promotions, events and marketing campaigns
  • business support and enterprise
  • local economic development activities
  • skill and expertise development
  • crime prevention initiatives
  • networking and shared services
  • local improvement projects
  • advocacy to local and central government.

Business associations are legal entities established under the Incorporated Societies Act. They are independent from Auckland Council.

A BID Programme is a local economic development initiative run by a business association in partnership with the council. A BID Programme is not a legal entity.

How the council helps BIDs

We provide support, direction, monitoring and oversight on the governance of the BID programme.

We also help business associations establish new BID programmes in Auckland’s key growth areas.

BID policy

The BID Policy 2016 outlines how the council works with local business associations. It details how BIDs are created and developed throughout the city.

The policy has two parts:

  1. Principles (PDF 453KB) - explains why BID programmes are established. It also defines their goals and the roles and responsibilities of each partner.
  2. Operating Standards (PDF 919KB) - a guide to managing BID programmes.

Establishing a new BID

Find information on how to establish or expand a BID programme in the BID Policy Operating Standards (PDF 930KB).

Targeted rates for BIDs

To fund a BID programme, we collect a targeted rate from all commercially rated properties located within an approved BID.

To know the geographic boundary of each BID, see BID maps under rating maps.

Targeted rates are based on the businesses’ property capital value and a fixed charge per property.

We return the agreed rate amount to the business association as a grant. This provides a regular income to fund activities that support local economic development.

Check your property’s value and whether you’re paying a targeted rate at property search – rates and valuations.

More information

For more information on the BID programme, visit the official BID website or email the BIDs team.

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